Insurance and the Narconon Program

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Drug addiction can be a devastating situation that requires a large amount of time, money and intervention. When someone is dealing with a loved one that is addicted, paying for treatment can be the last thing on a person’s mind. And, as there are several types of rehab centers, many wonder where they should turn to and what type of treatment makes the most sense as far as cost, length of treatment and modality used.

The first thing to address is the various types of centers. There are state funded programs and facilities that are based on a sliding scale fee. There are also private facilities and those that accept insurances and offer payment options to those in need.

The success of the private facilities is much higher than state funded or low cost. The following is a more detailed rundown of the different types of centers:

  • State Funded Treatment – usually a 7 to 28 day program. Some will do an initial detox with substitute or “wind down” drugs. Once this is complete these programs will sometimes use a 12 step approach, group or private counseling. The time limit of 28 days was set up by insurance to cover a reasonable cost that a company would pay for treatment. Additionally many will stay much less than 28 days and will be released in 7-10 days unless they are considered a “severe drug case.” Most state funded treatment has a waiting list of a few weeks to a few months and the success rate is between 3-10%.


  • Low Cost Treatment or Sliding Scale Fee – Usually, these centers are similar to a halfway house, where a group splits the bills. Since 1 home can house 8-15 people, the bills are relatively low. This gives the new recovered addict or alcoholic a chance to gain stability.  They are generally required to attend 12 step meetings daily. These types of half way houses are often located in urban areas where drugs and crime in the environment has to be watched out for. The centers are monitored and there is often an individual who has gone through a 12 step program who is set up as a “House Mother” or “House Father.” The success rate of these facilities is also under 10%.


  • Private Treatment – There is a wide as sundry of private centers available. Some are 12 step based, others are religious in nature and there are many that take a holistic approach. Most are inpatient and monitored very closely. The cost varies greatly. Some accept insurance. Most offer payment arrangements of some kinds. All, however, achieve a much higher success rate than the state funded or low cost centers.


Narconon Arrowhead is a premier drug treatment center located in the beautiful terrain of southeastern Oklahoma. Narconon takes an alternate approach to rehabilitation. It is a very health conscious, intensive, holistic treatment center. Its success rate is among the highest in the nation at currently over 70%. Get help now. Call 800-468-6933

Narconon is a private facility so, in order to make it affordable to as many as possible, the facility offers several methods of payment and accept several private insurance plans. Payment arrangements are also put together for those that qualify including payment plans. In order to maintain such a high success rate, it is necessary to have professionals, medical personnel and qualified specialists on staff.  More detailed information about the payment plans are as follows:

  • Private Pay Option – This is where the family or individual pays the cost of the program out of pocket. A significant discount is applied if the program is paid in full up front.
  • Insurance – Several major private insurance plans and various smaller ones are accepted to help absorb the out of pocket expense. All plans are distinctive so and Narconon has hired an outside company to pre-qualify each case individually and reserve our specialist’s time for our clients.
  • Financing – For those who qualify, financing is available. This can be arranged to cover the full cost or partial cost of the program. If the loan is paid within a calendar year, there is no interest fee. This method of payment is one that is frequently preferred.
  • Payment Arrangements – Since Narconon Arrowhead tries to help and reach as many people as possible, it is not uncommon for our counselors to make special payment arrangements.

Choosing Narconon Arrowhead for drug or alcohol addiction treatment is a wise decision and the success rate shows the outcome of the treatment is well worth the investment. Addiction is a problem that progressively gets worse and worse, costs more money in the long run, and very often lands the addict in jail costing thousands in attorney fees. There are also those who lose their lives to substance abuse daily.

Narconon offers intensive, individualized care for everyone who enters their treatment program. For more information call 800-468-6933.

Learn more about the  Narconon drug rehab here.

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By Paul Onart

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    I would like to know more about your facility and what Insurance is excepted. I currently have United Health Care. Plz email with information on both. Thank you Sara Barnes


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