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John B Graduate Success StoryJohn B

This is my story of how I changed my life and overcame addiction. I came into drugs and alcohol at an early age. I was twelve years old when I took my first drink; I’ll always remember that feeling I had. That type of mentality followed me into my teenage years. At fourteen years old I started smoking marijuana to fit in with the older crowd.

Before I started using drugs, I was doing well, either playing sports or busy with school. The older I got, the more I was smoking marijuana. It got to the point where that wasn’t enough for me anymore, which is when I started to drink socially. Read More

Amber H

When I first arrived to Narconon I was very broken, I was lost, confused, and had no hope of ever living a drug free life. Living a life with out drugs seemed so far fetched that I had convinced myself that I didn’t even want to stop using. I stared this program with the idea that I’d give it a try…

Read More

Chris R Success Story

Chris R

This is a typical story of an average teenager going through life wanting to be a part of something and becoming a drug addict. When I was thirteen years of age I was at a summer party and was confronted for the first time with marijuana. I found myself in the predicament of, “I want to fit in and be a part of this group but I don’t think this is right.” Read More

Holly Graduate Success Story


There is a drug and alcohol problem within this country that rivals all the success in the world. Countless victims fall prey to its devastation every day. The death toll in this country alone is staggering as addiction can be a silent killer too those of us who suffer from addiction do so in absolute secrecy. I remember thinking that it could never happen to me. That I, the successful wife, mother, business owner and all around good girl, would never be a drug addict. I looked at those who did suffer with a critical eye and often times wondered “why” and quietly whispered “that will never be me”. Read More

Glenn S Narconon Graduate Success Story

Glenn S

I am a 12 ½ year Graduate of the Narconon® Program. Narconon not only saved my life, it gave me my life back.
I was a real mess, strung out on crack cocaine. I was at such a point in my life where I was just spinning in circles. Drugs had truly taken control of my life. I had become the type of person that most people would not want to be around. Read More


Marty J Narconon Graduate Success Story

Marty J

On Sunday September 23 2007, after being up for 48 hours, partying on Methamphetamine, pain pills, and a lot of alcohol, I went into a bar in my home town that I hadn’t been in, in 25 years. After sitting down at the bar I realized that the same people were sitting there that were sitting there 25 years ago when I originally walked in. It hit me that I really needed to do something with my life. Read More



Melissa Narconon Graduate Success Story


My life was in shambles at the age of 28 and had been for years. I thought I was living “the life” in my swank uptown loft apartment with my fly-by night friends. I was on top of the world and no one could touch me. The cocaine and ecstasy I was selling to my so called friends was the best you could buy and I was the leader of the pack or so I thought. I had lots of drugs and lots of money and people always wanted to be close to me. I was the most popular woman in town.
In February of 2005 my world came crashing down. I was almost sent away for a long time. Read More


Mike A

I am completely amazed at the success and gains I have made in both my personal and professional life since graduating the Narconon® Drug Rehabilitation program at Arrowhead. I have regained my self-respect, ethics, and morals as a result of the methods used to treat my addiction. My friends, family, and peers are constantly remarking about how much happier and healthier I appear to them. Read More


Patricia M

My life was miserable. I had lost my husband and was soon to lose my children. I felt helpless. I was a clinical drug addict. My nightstand beside my bed held Xanax, Oxycontin, Lortabs, Somas, and some other kinds of sleeping pills. All prescribed to me by medical doctors.

At one time I had my own business. A beautiful family. Everything a person would want. But my life had turned into a living nightmare. I didn’t eat food. I took drugs. I didn’t clean my home. I shot up drugs. I didn’t love my family. I didn’t love myself. I was a wreck. Read More

Spencer S Narconon Graduate Success Story

Spencer S

By the time I had gotten to Narconon Arrowhead I was a lost, confused and angry individual. By the age of 22 I had developed an addiction to alcohol, meth, coke, pot and a galaxy of pharmaceutical medications. I had little family that would talk to me and zero friends. To sum it up I had pretty much destroyed every relationship I had ever had. I came to Narconon because I knew that if I did not stop drinking and doing drugs not to mention living the lifestyle that I had become accustomed to, I would surely die probably very soon, my health was in rapid decline. Read More


I went to a prestigious private school and grew up in an upper class suburban neighborhood. I was not the type of person that anyone would think was using drugs. But I was, and it nearly killed me. It started when my doctor prescribed me Ritalin in high school. From there, things went into a downward spiral. I discovered that I could crush and snort my Ritalin, because it is a form of speed. I stayed up for days and hardly ate. I was able to maintain my good grades and I got into Georgetown. My addiction got worse and I was going to two different doctors to get prescriptions for Ritalin.


My name is Anthony. I am 16 years old. I have had a rough life just like many others. I wanted to share my story with you.

My mom was an idealistic type of mom. She had raised me by herself for many years and then remarried and had my little brother. She had a degree from Oklahoma State University. We lived in a nice house. She drove a nice car. We were a happy family. Then things started to change. Read More

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By Paul Onart

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  • Misty chesher


    It sounds like it really works and the people sound really happy being sober. I am in a hard place where I want and need the help but don’t know where to go. I don’t even know who to talk to. I feel so helpless cause I feel like I can’t get any help when I really want and need it. Any suggestions???


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