Life at Rehab

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Arrowhead Facility by the LakeThe Arrowhead facility is set in “Green Country” among the Ouachita Mountains in beautiful southeastern Oklahoma. Narconon’s 217 acres are located within a state park on Lake Eufaula in a woodsy setting which is inviting for students, staff and visitors. There are sports, such as football, tennis, volleyball, ping pong, basketball and baseball to provide outdoor activities for students. There is also a wide variety of protected wildlife and clients are encourages to spend time outdoors and experience the fresh air and sunshine. Some of the quieter students enjoy walks, fishing and bird watching. Known for its therapeutic value, the outdoors is one of Narconon Arrowhead’s greatest benefits to clients.

Some think of rehab as a lock down, confined atmosphere. While security measures have to be taken to ensure the safety of the residents of a treatment center, there can be many freedoms that come along with treatment. Rehab should be an enjoyable, enlightening experience.


Students playing volleyballMost private facilities, which are often the best choice when seeking treatment for someone, currently offer many amenities to their clients.  While the individual is learning to live a sober life they need extracurricular activities to keep them busy and help focus their attention outward.  Some of these activities include sports, games, movies and field trips.

Narconon Arrowhead provides a well balanced diet for clients enrolled onto the program.  There are fresh hot meals prepared three times a day along with a salad bar available for lunch and dinner.  Nutritious snacks are available anytime meals are not being served. Addicts and alcoholics have depleted their bodies of nutrition for extensive periods of time.  Narconon wants each student to operate on their own optimal level therefore; a healthy diet and nutrition are encouraged.

The Facility

Spacious Lobby areaUpon entering the main facility, one is keenly aware of the spaciousness and natural lighting provided by a vast amount of large windows to draw the eye to the great outdoors. Living quarters offer a bed, a closet with additional storage space and a full bath. There is a table and chairs in each room for visiting, playing card, etc.  Rooms are kept clean and monitored on a regular basis. The facility itself has a huge game room containing 2 large TVs, pool tables, a dart board and various electronic games. Adjacent to the entertainment room, is a gym, complete with many exercise machines and free weights.

There is also an area for the students to do their laundry and a salon area so students can remain well groomed while in the program. These amenities are accessible to the students anytime they are participating in their standard program schedule. Get help now. Call 800-468-6933

Program Support Services

The Program Support Services, commonly known as PSS, is primarily responsible for all client activities, events and outings. Books, movies, cards, board games and puzzles are accessible at any time through the PSS department.

The PSS Department at Narconon also helps with clients shopping and student outings.

In addition, the Narconon facility provides ample space and phones for client calls to family members and loved ones.

Narconon is considered a premier drug treatment center with an over 70% success rate, among the highest in the nation. Any individual enrolling in the facility should be safe, comfortable and have plenty of drug-free activities to take part in. For more information call 800-468-6933.

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By Paul Onart

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