Mother of Narconon Graduate
Linda S.

I just lived to have a son that I brought into this world healthy and he was raised in a good family, he went to church, he was in the boy scouts.

And he took some college classes but he found out that in the oilfield he could make more money. So he went to work as a rough neck on an oilrig. And the job was very demanding. There are a fair amount of drugs out there in the oilfield. He smoked a little marijuana, that’s not good. He drank a little beer. But then it escalated to where, for about a year he was doing Meth and how we found out about that is, we saw a complete personality change, complete.

It was an embarrassment. We tried to keep it a family secret and I cried every night. Plus working in the courthouse, it was like any time the Sheriff walked in, I just, held my breath, thinking, "Oh no, is he gonna tell me he’s arrested Kaylen?"

He didn't ever have drug charges against him but it was, he was just a hair away from being caught. And he was either going to go to prison or he was going to be killed. I mean, by the drugs or I was afraid he was going to commit suicide.

So I frantically started looking on the Internet and I found out about Narconon. I called Narconon and they worked with me for 5 weeks to get him there.

Then it was — we started seeing a change and I kept encouraging him but we started seeing a change in him to where he said, "I'm not just doing this for you anymore mom, I'm doing this for me."

And the way he is now and the staff that I've met at Narconon, I would never know they ever had a drug problem. That's how good the program is.

It's just a miracle. We have our son back and I can never thank Narconon enough because they saved his life and actually, our lives too.

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