How Narconon Handles Alcohol Addiction

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Alcohol addiction is very common. The Center for Disease Control reports that more than 37% of Americans have had a drink before turning 13.

There are many different reasons why an individual would turn to alcohol. Some of these include:

  • They think it helps them to cope with their problems by taking the thought away by getting drunk. People who start drinking usually can’t solve problems very well so instead of facing their problems and solving them they get drunk.
  • They are usually in physical or emotional pain. After a while those few beers or drinks they are having are not going to have that same numbing affect on them, that’s where the problem comes in.
  • They build up a tolerance to alcohol. After someone drinks for a long time they build up a tolerance to alcohol; this means that it is going to take more and more to get that numbing affect. They start to drink more and stay drunk more, it just starts to spiral out of control, but this can be fixed.


Narconon and Alcohol Addiction

The Narconon drug and alcohol program has specialized in handling alcohol addiction since the 1960’s. The program has several factors that make it unique from anything else out there. These include:

1. The belief that addiction is not a disease or something that is incurable and cannot be overcome.

2. A program set up that consists of several phases of treatment; each one designed to attain a different result.

3. A New Life Detoxification Program, which gets rid of many toxins that are in the body preventing any cravings or urges for drugs or alcohol. The New Life Detoxification Program includes light exercising, sweating in a dry heat sauna, and a vitamin schedule. It also includes physical and mental examination by a licensed physician.

4. A series of Life Skills Courses to help handle all the mental components of the addiction. This includes helping the individual to assess different personality types, take responsibility for past transgressions and improve their condition in life.

5. An aftercare program that helps clients to identify and any issues that may cause a relapse after treatment.

6. A drug free method for treatment that does not rely on replacement or substitute drugs to get people off drugs.

7. The final and most important key to success is the Narconon staff. Those working at the facility have a high level of care and understanding for those treated. Narconon employs many trained medical staff to rehabilitation specialists, and they completely understand that when treating someone, they have to treat them with respect.

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Those addicted to alcohol are monitored very closely to ensure they have a safe and smooth withdrawal. Once this is complete they start the main program and then the sauna detox portion. Once complete they are onto the Life Skills Courses. These teach those addicted how to face everyday problems and challenges to prevent relapse. All of our courses are delivered in a class room environment and closely supervised by a trained professional. Here are the names of the courses you will take at Narconon to handle alcohol abuse:

  • Learning Improvement Course – teaches those addicted how to better study and learn.
  • Communication and Perception Course – helps to get the individual into present time and extroverted to environment.
  • Ups and Downs In Life Course – this helps an individual to assess those he is connected with in life and different personality types. It also gives key information about stress and illness.
  • Personal Values & Integrity Course – this helps the individual to confront past transgressions.
  • Changing Conditions In Life Course – designed to help improve the individual’s condition in life for himself and others.
  • The Way To Happiness Course – a common sense moral guide to life.

After a person has completed all of these courses their entire program is reviewed, to make sure all the treatment points have been covered, and that the individual has gotten stable results.

Then the individual receives a final discharge plan of goals they have listed to accomplish after treatment.

The Narconon program achieves a more than 70% success rate for alcohol addiction. For more information call 800-468-6933.


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By Derry Hallmark

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