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The Narconon program is one of the most successful recovery programs in the world with over 46 years of experience in helping the addicted lead productive, sober lives.

The word Narconon means “no drugs” as the program does not use substitute drug therapies to treat drug or alcohol addiction. Instead, our program focuses on gaining or rebuilding basic abilities to live a successful drug-free life while overcoming the major challenges that every addicted person faces when trying to do so. Program Graduate A person addicted CAN LEARN TO LIVE AGAIN.FIND OUT HOW Call 800-468-6933

There are many things a client will discover while undergoing the rehabilitation program at Narconon Arrowhead.

A person can learn to trust themselves again even though that initially seems to be impossible.

A person  can discover how life can be free from the guilt of the past that has weighted down every bright moment of their life so that real joy can be experienced once again.

A person  can discover what freedom from cravings and desperate urges to use drugs and alcohol can really feel like. To not be tormented any longer by a constant desire to screw up again.Drug-free Happy Mother and Daughter

I have completed the Narconon program.  I feel wonderful.  I have full control of myself.  I am more confident and self-motivated than I have ever been in my life. I have such relief and I am no longer hiding from life, but confronting it.  It’s great and I thank everyone at Narconon for making this possible for me to enjoy and live a productive life. C.H.

A person  can learn and earn the respect of their family and friends again even though they thought that respect was lost forever.

A person  can find out how it feels to face life head on again, not hiding from everything and everyone. To be assertive and reach for and achieve the goals and dreams they once thought were lost.

This program is one of the greatest things to ever happen to me.  I feel that it helped saved my life!  My future looks very bright and full of promise and with everything that I have learned here, I will be able to implement a fresh, clean new start and live a happy, fulfilling and productive life, something that for a long time, I had given up any hope of having.  I truly feel like a golden phoenix rising up from its ashes to burn bright in the sky.  Thank you!  S.A.

Download Narconon Arrowhead Program BrochureIn short, a person  can find themselves again. Not the drugged desperate and miserable shadow of themselves but instead the bright and beautiful life that wants to live and prosper.

We see people achieve this every day. It’s the best job a person can have. Narconon Arrowhead has been successfully helping people recover from addiction for over 20 years.



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