Follow-Up Protocol

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The success of any drug treatment program is for the people to be able to live happy and drug free. Narconon recognizes this and in over 40 years of care, has successfully helped thousands to overcome problems with substance abuse.

Follow up care is crucial to any form of addiction treatment. Narconon’s current success rate is over 70% and among the highest in the nation.

Many modalities teach that alcoholics and addicts are prone to reversion so, but relapse can be stopped permanently with the right treatment as well as an excellent after care program. Narconon has been in existence for 4 decades and the program has evolved into one of the best available in the nation. Narconon not only equips their students with the very best treatment available, they have phenomenal after care treatment options.

The whole concept of any treatment program is to arm people with the skills necessary to live happily and drug free. While an individual is in treatment, they are somewhat in a controlled environment and the options to use lessen greatly. When they leave a facility, however, they may experience an uncontrollable feelings and sometimes being a part of the same environment that lead them to drug use in the first place, may feel compelled to use drugs again. This is exactly the feeling that Narconon addresses with clients, giving them the tools to live drug and alcohol free permanently. Get help now. Call 800-468-6933

A primary tool for permanent recovery is also aftercare. Narconon uses the following aftercare procedures to help clients to continue to apply what they learned in treatment:

  • Final Discharge Planning – This is a plan created by the Narconon client with a trained and qualified staff member to really assess the client’s goals and plans for after treatment. The Final Discharge Plan looks at every aspect of the individual’s life including their goals for themselves, their family, friends, groups, their environment and future survival in all areas of life.
  • Based on the Final Discharge Plan a Narconon Representative will contact the graduate of the program to follow up once a week for the first three months.
  • Each call goes over the discharge plan and the progress that the individual is making on it. During the call, the Narconon staff member also checks to see who the person has been spending time with and if there are any problems in the environment.
  •  Narconon also has qualified staff on hand to receive graduate calls if the graduate has any problems or areas that they need help with after leaving the program.

Not only does Narconon offer the above discharge plan for those going out into the “real world”, they offer extensive training in the field of drug abuse treatment and many individuals opt to stay, train and apply for employment.

This option is unlike any other rehabilitation center known. This option provides the person stable footing and prolonged sobriety in a still controlled environment.

Though they are, of course, allowed more freedom than that of a student on the program, they are working daily to help others in need of help with addiction issues and working alongside others with a common purpose. This atmosphere strengthens the person’s goals and helps provide a drug-free group who are helping others. Before a graduate of the Narconon program can work for the facility, they have to go through extensive training and apprenticing and are subject, both as a trainee or staff member to drug testing as in many other businesses.

What has been found to be true is that addicts and alcoholics thrive very well when they are able to help another overcome an addiction. For this reason, staff members are primarily responsible, caring people who just wish to continue helping others as they were helped themselves. The staff at the Arrowhead facility is a phenomenal crew who work together and consistently go above and beyond the normal call of duty because they love what they do.

Narconon also offers field work for those who are interested. Field work is the act of helping others to get to Narconon. Getting others to Narconon can be doing intervention work, or simply spreading the word about the success of the Narconon program, or talking with families. Get help now. Call 800-468-6933

Field work may involve any combination of these things. Basically, it is whatever is necessary to aid someone in getting to a Narconon program.

Not only does Narconon offer premier treatment for addicts and alcoholics, their follow up care provides quality options for any individual. There are various ways for the now drug free, healthy program graduate to remain drug free.

For more information on aftercare through Narconon call 800-468-6933.

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By Paul Onart

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