Cost of Narconon Treatment

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Narconon is a non-profit social betterment organization that has been helping people recover from substance abuse issues for the last 47 years. As the treatment is not federally funded or otherwise paid for by a third party source, Narconon does have to charge a fee for the rehabilitation services it offers.

The program is long-term and fully comprehensive handling both the mental and physical aspects of substance abuse. Narconon, knowing that the cost of treatment can take a toll on the financier, offers many options in order to make it affordable for most people. Additionally, Narconon is a premier drug and alcohol treatment center with a very high success rate sitting at 70% for permanent recovery from substance abuse.

The Narconon program is an open ended program. What this means is that there are no time restrictions on the level of care the individual receives. Because each individual that enters the program is unique and special, they, likewise, progress at different rates. One person may be able to successfully complete and comprehend the entire program, receiving maximum benefits, within a couple of months while another may take more time to finish, allowing as much time as needed to complete the program. Some may take up to and even a little over a year to finish the program. Narconon’s program is considered to be long-term intensive inpatient care. It does not take 30 days to develop a drug or alcohol dependency nor, does it take 30 days to treat a drug or alcohol problem. This concept is crucial for drug treatment because we are individuals and require individualized care. Get help now. Call 800-468-6933

Narconon Arrowhead is a private drug treatment center meaning that there is a fee for the program. However, there are many different avenues to pay for the treatment. Some of these include private health insurance, health financing options or private payment.

Narconon accepts most major insurance and several private ones in order to make treatment a reality for most. Insurance acceptance and approval saves 50% up to 100%, absorbing a majority of out of pocket expense for the financier. People will even extend their policies through Cobra, as many have lost their job due to their addiction, and though Cobra premiums are a bit higher, it definitely will benefit the former employee with their out of pocket expense. There are a number of insurance companies and many policies that are accepted. Narconon specializes in helping prospective clients work with their insurance so they can get the program covered and start on the road to recovery.

In addition to accepting major insurance, Narconon Arrowhead offers several payment arrangement options. Some of these include a specific amount down and easy to do payment plans to cover the remainder of the program costs.

Furthermore, Narconon offers financing to those who qualify. For those who may not qualify for the entire program cost, they may be eligible for partial financing. This financing is processed through a reputable lending agency. Additionally, if the note is paid off within 1 calendar year, there is no interest. This has only recently been made available to our prospective clients but, in order to help more people, Narconon has opened the doors to various forms of payment. Get help now. Call 800-468-6933

For those enrolling in the program, each case is taken under careful consideration and special attention is given to all underlying issues. Narconon wants to help everyone possible and try to work things out for the benefit of all concerned. Usually, there is a low down payment with affordable payments to follow on a monthly basis. This method of payment is frequently used by a lot of our clients.

The Narconon staff truly care about and want to help the clients who have enrolled onto the program. Finding alternative avenues to help those suffering make arrangements for quality care in lieu of free or low cost treatment has been an enormous undertaking, as well as very time consuming but, to benefit another or possibly even save their life is the only motivation that need be present.

Narconon provides quality care and saves hundreds every year from the trap of addiction. Students work at independent rates and feel empowered as they progress through the program. This method provides the individual the confidence to conquer anything and to excel in life.

For information and help through Narconon call 800-468-6933.

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By Paul Onart

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  • Martine Yesler


    just check the cost, but there are no number. I will like to know the total coast by month for an young adult (29 years old).
    Thanks you


  • Vicki


    What if you can only get 30 days off work? Can you still come and do the program?


  • O. Perez


    Adulto de 33 años consumiendo droga cintetica conocida como chamis. Cual es el costo aproximado del tratamiento de los 10 pasos?


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