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The Narconon drug rehabilitation program includes an important life skills component. An addict has usually lost his or her ability to deal with problems he or she is faced with in life. In many instances a person may lack these skills before ever using drugs, and is what prompts them to turn to drugs in the first place. Lacking the skills to effectively handle certain situations, drugs become the solution, enabling them to temporarily eliminate the stress or upset they are experienced. This of course never resolves the actual difficulty and life continues its downward spiral.

The road to recovery involves rehabilitating one from the damage caused from drug abuse and developing skills necessary to overcome barriers one is faced with in life. This is where the Narconon life skills training comes in.


Handling the Ups and Downs in Life

Arrowhead testimonial -- toolsPart of the life style that develops during the addiction process is the tendency of the addict to develop some anti-social behavior. These individuals are basically good but because of the misconduct associated with drug abuse, however, they begin to develop negative attitudes towards people they know and love, and to some degree become aggressive towards the authority figures in their lives. As these negative attitudes develop addicts will pull away from the good, honest people in their lives. They instead begin to associate with negative people who are usually in favor of, or in agreement with, the life style of drug or alcohol addiction. Once addicts sober up and begin to get back in touch with reality, it is important that they be able to identify social and anti-social characteristics in people and be able to differentiate from people who will support their sobriety and people who want to drag them back into the life of addiction. Get help now. Call 800-468-6933

The Ups and Downs in Life Course is a life skills training course that is delivered in a class room situation by a person trained in the Narconon technology. The student learns to identify social and anti-social human behavior in people. Once they learn these characteristics and how to spot them, they are better able to develop positive relationships with people who will be supportive to their continued recovery and know what type of people and relationships will jeopardize their sobriety and quality of life.

Personal Values and Integrity Course

Unethical behavior and repeated misconduct go part and parcel with an addicted life style. Addicts become trapped in committing transgressions against people in their lives and against society at large. They get into the vicious circle of committing transgressions in an attempt to hide or continue their drug or alcohol use. This then puts them in situations where further transgressions are committed in an attempt to solve the problems that the earlier transgressions have created. As this cycle continues, these individuals begin to individuate from the people in their lives who love and care about them and may become antagonistic toward them. They hurt the people they love most and as a consequence they become ridden with guilt. This in turn makes them so uncomfortable they will use more drugs or drink in an attempt to cover up or medicate away these negative feelings. Get help now. Call 800-468-6933

Life Skills trainingThe Personal Values and Integrity Course is delivered in a classroom setting under the supervision of a person trained in this Narconon procedure. This course teaches addicts a system that will help them alleviate the guilt that is associated with their drug or alcohol related misconduct. In this course past misdeeds are inventoried one at time in a very specific manner. This procedure helps the addicts identify transgression when they occurred, where they happened, who was involved with them at the time and the harm which resulted because of the misdeed.

Through this exercise, addicts experience a tremendous relief. They also become aware of the damage they are responsible for in their environment that they need to repair. This opens the door for the individual to be able to start the process of repairing these negative conditions. Once this process is completed, they individual’s integrity is restored, along with the understanding that true happiness can only be achieved through living an ethical life style. Get help now. Call 800-468-6933

Changing Conditions in Life Course

As addicts confront their misdeeds and the damage these actions created in the various areas of their lives is realized, they are now ready to begin to repair relationships and situations that exist in their lives because of their addiction. This course is delivered in a course room setting and supervised by a person trained in the Narconon program technology. In this course the person is taught that there are separate compartments of one’s life that together make up the whole of an individual’s existence, (one’s self, one’s relationship with family, one’s job, living in the material world, what one’s personal belief spiritually etc.) This course also teaches individuals simple formulas that can be applied to any situation in life, if these formulas correctly followed will help the person preserve those things that are going well for him in life or repair those areas that are damaged. It is through this course that individuals develop their individual discharge plan of what actions need to be taken to ensure they can live a sober ethical life style.

At this stage of treatment individuals going through the program have made significant progress towards repairing the mental and physical effects of addiction and have begun the process to repair the damage in their lives that addiction has created. They also have developed a plan of actions that they will need to follow to ensure a sober and responsible life style. They are now at a point where they have to evaluate and develop some stable rules of conduct for responsible living. The last book of Narconon’s treatment series addresses this issue. It is called the Way to Happiness Course. Get help now. Call 800-468-6933

The Way To Happiness Course

This is the final in the Narconon rehabilitation program. The course is delivered in a class room setting and supervised by a person trained in the Narconon program technology. This course teaches individuals 21 precepts that cover a common sense moral code of conduct that when followed will help them become productive contributing members of society by living an ethical life style.

At this point the entire Narconon rehabilitation line up is complete. There is a final review step which consists of counseling that helps each graduate of the program design their individual plan of action that addresses the situations that may still exist in the person’s home environment. In addition goals are set in the areas of family, work, relationships and any other situations unique to the individual along with a specific plan of actions that will be taken to achieve these goals.

When individuals complete the entire Narconon program they have a written plan of action of which a copy is kept on file at the Narconon center. Each graduate of the program is contacted after they are released and the progress on the individual plans are assessed. Additionally if a graduate runs into problems that are distracting them from their plan a Narconon staff member will help them to resolve this or to improve the plan so progress in accomplishing these set goals is achieved.

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By Paul Onart

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