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The New Life Detoxification Program – The first major barrier that one encounters when starting the rehabilitation process is the physical and mental cravings for drugs and alcohol that can overwhelm and completely distract the individual in recovery from the treatment process. Physical and mental cravings for drugs and alcohol are the most common cause for people in recovery leaving treatment before they have completed it.   There is a biophysical condition that triggers cravings that can reoccur repeatedly long after a person withdraws and dries out from drugs or alcohol. Any toxin that is ingested in the body undergoes a digestive and filtration process that will eliminate most of the toxic substance but not all of it. That portion of the toxin that remains in the system is converted into a protein based molecule called a metabolite.

Drug Residues Lodge in Fat Tissues

Sauna TestimonialOnce the body has converted drugs or alcohol to these protein based molecules some of these molecules will exit the body through sweat and urine however, a portion of these metabolites will remain in the body and attach themselves to fatty cells. Fatty cells are also comprised of protein molecules and so are compatible with the drug or alcohol metabolites. This is similar to placing a large drop of oil into a bottle of water. The two elements separate, they won’t mix together. If you shake that bottle of oil and water, the oil will break up into many smaller drops of oil that spread throughout the entire bottle of water. If you slowly pour ½ the contents of the bottle out you have water with small drops of oil leaving the mouth of the bottle while the smaller oil drops that remain in the water in the bottle will begin to connect together. Eventually all the remaining oil drops left in the bottle will rejoin as one element and separate from the water again. Much the same thing happens in the body during the elimination process of drugs or alcohol that a person has ingested. Some of the metabolites leave the body through sweat and urine and some of the metabolites join to the fatty cells of the body and remain physically there. Metabolites are like finger prints in that each metabolite contains a minute amount of the original toxin that the body digested and filtered through the liver and kidneys. A cocaine metabolite has a traceable amount of cocaine in it. A heroin metabolite has a traceable amount of heroin in it, and an alcohol metabolite has a traceable amount of alcohol in it. Each is different and identifiable from the other. It is the drug metabolites that are exiting the body through the urine that are identified when a drug screen is performed that can provide a read out on what types of drugs an individual has taken. The drug metabolites that remain in the body act as a physical level reminder of drugs or alcohol taken in the past that can also stimulate memories or feelings related to past drug or alcohol use. This is the origin and physical mechanics of drug and alcohol cravings. Get help now. Call 800-468-6933

Eliminating the Drug Residues in the Body

students runningThe New Life Detoxification Program addresses this physical aspect of addiction. The program consists of a combination of light aerobic exercise, sweating in a dry heat sauna and a specific vitamin regimen. A full physical and medical OK to do the program by a licensed M.D. is required before a person can begin this portion of the program. The individual will undergo 20 to 30 minutes of light aerobic exercise (usually jogging or fast walk outside or on a tread mill), 15 to 20 minute intervals of time sweating in a dry heat sauna with rest breaks in between sweating periods. Concurrent with the exercise and sweating a specific regimen of vitamins are taken which include cold-press polyunsaturated natural oil, which help free the drug metabolites from the fatty cells. The New Life Detoxification program is designed to assist the addict’s body in breaking down and eliminating the stored drug and alcohol metabolites. The daily program runs for about 5 hours a day and can take from between 2 to 6 weeks to complete the entire process. The program length differs from individual to individual. Body weight, extent of drug taking history and medical history influence the length of this program and will program length will vary from person to person. Once the physical cravings for drugs or alcohol have been addressed through this process the individual is ready to proceed with the next step of the program. Drug and alcohol usage tend to make one mentally dull and impair a persons ability to read, study and comprehend information. Therefore the next step of treatment is to rehabilitate the addict’s ability to comprehend and apply information they are studying. Get help now. Call 800-468-6933

Daily doses of immediate-release niacin:

Niacin stimulates lipid mobilization by triggering the release of free fatty acids into the bloodstream. It has been demonstrated that, while free fatty acid levels drop initially after taking immediate-release niacin, they rise markedly within two hours and continue at high levels for some time. (Sustained-release niacin is not used, as it has been associated with liver dysfunction.)

Moderate aerobic exercise:

This increases circulation, which ensures quick distribution of the niacin throughout the body and carries mobilized toxins to the excretory routes. Running is preferred, but this can be changed if medically indicated.

Detoxification in the SaunaIntermittent sauna to force sweating:

As shown in several studies on this procedure, sweat is a primary elimination route for toxins. Sauna temperatures range from 140 to 180 degrees, lower than the typical health-club sauna. The sauna must be well-ventilated. Subjects take frequent showers, both to cool down and to remove substances from the skin and prevent their re-absorption. Liquids are administered and participants are monitored for signs of dehydration and heat exhaustion.

Ingestion of cold-pressed oils:

These are provided to prevent mobilized toxins from being re-absorbed by the intestines because the body needs lipids. Polyunsaturated oils have been found to enhance excretion of extremely persistent chemicals, without depositing fat in the liver.

Vitamin and mineral supplementation:

The oil taken to prevent re-absorption of mobilized toxins may also reduce absorption of important nutrients. A resulting deficiency could increase the toxicity of mobilized chemicals such as *PCBs. An increased intake of nutrients prevents such toxic effects, as well as balancing the intake of niacin. A summary of research supporting the elements of this program is found in an Appendix to the Proceedings of the First International Conference on Chemical Contamination and Human Detoxification. *PCBs are (polychlorinated biphenyl – any of several compounds that are produced by replacing hydrogen atoms in biphenyl with chlorine, have various industrial applications, and are poisonous environmental pollutants which tend to accumulate in animal tissues) Get help now. Call 800-468-6933 Downloadable PDF format

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By Paul Onart

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