I Feel Like I Have More Energy While also Not Having any Cravings For Drugs

New Life Detoxification is based on L. Ron Hubbard’s breakthrough discovery that LSD residues appeared to remain trapped in the body, mainly in the fatty tissues, long after a person had stopped taking the drug. This explained why someone who had used LSD in the past could suddenly reactivate a “trip” even years later. Further research revealed that many other toxic substances could also remain in the body, producing negative effects for years to come. This is what Jamie had to say upon completion of this step of the program:

“I feel healthier than I have in many years.
My body feels clean of all toxins and drugs. I feel like I have more energy while also not having any cravings for drugs for the first time in years.”

Jamie F.—Narconon Student


Cody Buckman

Social Media Manager for Narconon Arrowhead