Sachi in Success Story
April 15, 2021

I Could Be 6 Feet Under, Instead, I Get to Live Life

My uncle Chris and the Narconon program saved my life. I could be 6 feet under, instead, I get to live life and see my son grow up. I am just amazed every day and I thank God I am here because I could be dead.


Ren in Alcohol Abuse
April 7, 2021

How to Talk to a Loved One About Their Drinking

Alcohol is unique in that, while it is most definitely a mind-altering substance, its use is also quite normalized in day-to-day life. Where do you draw the line? How do you know what qualifies as alcohol use and what qualifies as misuse?


Sachi in Success Story
April 1, 2021

I Lost My Wife, My 3 Kids, and My Multi-Million-Dollar Business

Drugs basically got me in a place where I could not make the right decisions. I lost my wife, my 3 kids, my multi-million-dollar business. I lost it all.


Sachi in Success Story
March 30, 2021

My Proudest Accomplishment

What I would advise to those in active addiction now, is if you can find a little glimpse in your soul where you don’t want to go through this stuff anymore, just push through and get some help because doing it on your own does not work.


Ren in Prescription drug abuse
March 19, 2021

New Data Shows Use of Psychoactive Prescription Drugs Among Young People Creates a Risk for Addiction

Young people are experimenting with psychoactive pharmaceutical drugs in increasing numbers, creating serious health risks as a result.


Sachi in Success Story
March 18, 2021

8 Years Being Sober I Am Capable of Having Anything I Want

I reached a point where I lost everything. I totaled my car, I got kicked out of the house where I was living and was not consistent with paying the rent, I had chosen that drug and alcohol lifestyle over my family.


Sachi in News
March 16, 2021

Drug Overdose Deaths Rise During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Although it is no longer making the headlines, another pandemic in America rages on. A pandemic made worse by COVID-19.


Ren in Studies and Reports
February 25, 2021

New Study Predicts Higher Risk for COVID-19 Among Addicts

A new study just confirmed that people who misuse drugs and alcohol are at a greater risk of contracting COVID-19. What does this mean for addiction treatment in 2021?


Ren in Alcohol
February 24, 2021

Alcohol Misuse and Cancer Risk—Another Reason to Put the Bottle Down

For some time it was thought that alcohol misuse contributed to cancer risk. What does current science say about this? And most importantly, what can people who are addicted to alcohol do to avoid cancer risk?


Jo-Ann Richardson in National News
February 18, 2021

Xylazine: A Deadly Twist on the Opioid Epidemic

The opioid epidemic has an enemy making the abuse of illicit opioids even more deadly, and it’s called Xylazine, a sedative used in veterinary medicine, often used as a horse tranquilizer. In the U.S.