Ren Brabenec in Family Help
November 8, 2018

When an Adolescent must Help an Addicted Parent

“It’s a wild world” as the Cat Stevens song goes, and that couldn’t be truer now. We are living in the second decade of the 21st-century, a time period of technological advancement and big, international change. But this has not all been changes for the good.


Drug Use in Middle-Class America

In just about every unpleasant factor or daily occurrence in life, we have the stereotypical concept of what we think of when we think of that thing, and then there is the factor of what actually occurs. Sometimes they are not the same thing.


Ren Brabenec in Drug Addiction
October 30, 2018

Senior Citizens and Drug Addiction

As the drug addiction crisis of 21st century America continues to expand and grow, no demographic has been completely safe from the crippling grip of addiction. Even demographics that would not normally be associated with drug abuse have fallen prey to addiction problems.


Ren Brabenec in Methamphetamine
October 23, 2018

How a Meth House Contaminates the Surrounding Area

When we think of methamphetamine, we often think of just the drug itself, and perhaps the addictions that that drug creates. True enough, that is absolutely something to be concerned about.


Ren Brabenec in Opioid Crisis
October 23, 2018

The Addiction Epidemic, U.S. Politics and Our Way Out

When we examine a problem as big as drug and alcohol addiction across the U.S., we need to come at this from every angle possible. Drug and alcohol addiction in the U.S.


Devon Alexander in Drug Information
October 16, 2018

What Are Pyrethroids, You Ask?

Just when you think the world could not get more crazy… One of the latest disturbing trends popping up around the country involves people using Pyrethroids to get high.


Ren Brabenec in News
October 14, 2018

Drug Overdoses and Organ Donors—A Debatable Issue

Who would have thought that the American overdose epidemic of the 21st century would have led to a “silver lining” of sorts? Yes, though sadness and misery abound as the death toll from drugs peaked sixty-four thousand in 2016, one silver lining in the morass of depression from the death toll…


Joanne in Success Story
October 8, 2018

Thanks to Narconon for the Tools I Need to Achieve My Dream

This program for the first time in my life has given me a new view in life and what I want to do for myself in the future. During my time spent here in Narconon, I have learned a lot about myself. I always thought I would have this addiction stuck in my mind.


Ren Brabenec in Recovery
October 3, 2018

Sobriety Is Celebration: How to Stay Sober During the Good, the Bad, and the Everyday

How does one celebrate recovery during the good, the bad, and the everyday? Here we have the real concern, the real question to be asking. This is very relevant, as “how to” and “do it yourself” are highly valued in a recovery setting.


Joanne in Success Story
October 2, 2018

I Arrived with No Hope for My Drug Addiction

“I arrived at Narconon June 10, 2018, with no hope for my drug addiction. It’s now September 24, 2018, and I have never felt so great. My life has a meaning and a purpose I will never forget that now. Everything has a reason.…“