Ren in Sobriety
May 18, 2018

Expressing Yourself to Stay Sober: Why Recovering Individuals Feel They Can't Talk

Recovering addicts would have a much easier time of it if they expressed themselves. The only problem is, they rarely do this, or they don’t know how.


Ren in Drug prevention
May 16, 2018

Bad Health Habits and Substance Abuse

Bad health habits beget more bad habits, just as good habits beget good habits. For as long as we can remember, this logic has made sense to us. It just computes well that fast-food eaters will likely be ones to skip the gym as well. That people who do Yoga will probably eat home-cooked meals.


Ren in Drug Information
May 14, 2018

Almost One in Ten Americans Suffer from an Addiction; An Analysis of Numbers

One of the biggest struggles our country currently faces is the sweeping drug and alcohol addiction epidemic. As cataclysmic events go, this one has been relatively underreported by the media. That is concerning in its own right.


James in Alcohol
May 10, 2018

DJ Avicii Died from Addiction

DJ Avicii died on April 20, 2018, at the age of 28. Tim Bergling, better known by his stage name Avicii, was a Swedish musician, DJ, and record producer. Avicii started his career at sixteen, posting his remixes in online forums. This led him to sign his first record label deal.


James in Success Story
May 8, 2018

They Say You Shouldn’t Mess with Texas

Now, Robert, a newly minted Narconon Arrowhead Graduate is ready to put that to the test. After gaining the confidence and strength found by living a drug-free life. Robert is ready to take on the world.


Ren in Alcohol
May 6, 2018

The Unheard of Risks that Drug Abuse has on Teens

Drug abuse has very specific and very damaging effects on people who partake in such activities. Different drugs have unique effects on people based on the drug being used.


Ren in Opioid Crisis
May 4, 2018

Overprescribing Trends for Opioid Painkillers—We Need Prescribing Reform Now

Perhaps the most prevalent factor of 21st-century drug addiction in the United States is that the majority of addicts are not hooked on illegal drugs. They are hooked on legal, supposedly safe, supposedly helpful, pharmaceutical drugs.


Ren in Drug Information
May 3, 2018

New Study Finds that Heavy Marijuana Use is Tied to Mid-Life Troubles

The subject of marijuana legality and its value or lack thereof has been a constantly and heatedly debated topic in the U.S. The “marijuana issue” has been under contention and argument for over a decade, with arguments for and against it being lobbed back and forth on community, state, and federal levels alike.


Ren in Opioid Crisis
May 2, 2018

People Who Survive an Overdose Still Receive Prescriptions—A Huge Flaw

The prescription drug epidemic of the 21st century has the United States in the throes of a constant, vicious cycle of addiction. In a lot of ways, this seems like a problem that we can’t escape from, no matter what we do.


Ren in Cannabis
May 1, 2018

High Schoolers More Likely to Smoke Pot than Cigarettes

Young people are often thought to be the most “at-risk” age range for drug abuse and alcohol addiction, and to a degree that is true.