Ren Brabenec in Drug information
September 10, 2018

Ecstasy, LSD, and PCP—Hallucinogens Back on the Rise

After years spent in relative disuse, hallucinogenic drugs are growing in popularity once again. Much of this increase has come on the coattails of increased efforts to legalize hallucinogenics, not only in the United States but in other countries too. The increases in interest in such drugs have been most prominent amongst young people, but all age groups have shown interest in hallucinogenic drugs.


Ren Brabenec in Prescription drug abuse
September 6, 2018

As “Drug Culture” Returns, Teens Are Exposed to More Risk

Everyone faces risk and threats to their health when they experiment with drugs and alcohol . The nature of the beast with substance abuse is that it is a highly unhealthy activity, hence why it is so frowned upon in society.


Ren Brabenec in Drug Information
September 3, 2018

Steps to a Solution—What to Do When You Know a Loved One is Addicted

When faced with an addiction within the family, the family members and loved ones of an addict suffer under these circumstances almost just as badly as the addict does. In some scenarios, the family members suffer even more than the addict does. This is a big problem, and we make the mistake of frequently forgetting the effect that drug abuse has on the loved ones of addicts.


Ren Brabenec in Drug prevention
September 1, 2018

Narcan Nasal Spray: Should it be Approved for Over the Counter Use?

There is perhaps no greater loss than losing a loved one before their time, and perhaps no method more terrible in which to lose a loved one than through an overdose.


Ren Brabenec in Cannabis
August 29, 2018

Does Marijuana Have Something to Do With Stroke? One Study Indicates So

Is it possible that marijuana has some negative health consequences that we did not know about? One study out of France indicates that there seems to be a strong connection with heavy marijuana use in young people and one type of stroke.


Ren Brabenec in Prescription drugs
August 2, 2018

How to Dispose of Pharmaceuticals Safely

Our nation and our society has become one of overmedication to the supreme . We live in a country that comprises only five percent of the world’s population, yet we consume seventy-five percent of the annual, global supply of prescription drugs.


Ren Brabenec in Opioid Crisis
July 31, 2018

The Opioid Epidemic in Numbers

The United States is struggling with a health epidemic, a crippling crisis that affects more than forty percent of the U.S. population. It started as a problem. By 2006 it was a crisis. In 2012 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention labeled it an epidemic.


Ren Brabenec in Family Help
July 29, 2018

Drug Abuse and the Family Unit

When we have to confront the relatively unpleasant issues that abound from drug and alcohol abuse, we have to also discuss the more unpleasant sides to this coin, like how drug abuse affects the entire family unit.


Karen Hadley in Local News
July 26, 2018

Narconon Friends and Family

In the fifty-plus years that Narconon has been helping people recover from the scourge of drug and alcohol abuse, we come across people with the biggest hearts and smiles. Narconon graduates Rianna and JR are prime examples of those big hearts and smiles.


Why Do Addicts Wait So Long to Get Help?

It seems like we always have questions about addiction, addicts, and why addicts tend to take the actions or inactions that are so indicative of their lifestyle choice. For example, why do drug addicts and alcoholics always wait so long to get help for their substance abuse problems?