Ren in News
May 31, 2023

Recent Police Raids Show Meth Is the Biggest Drug Problem in Oklahoma

A recent drug bust in Oklahoma was so alarming that the event made national headlines and prompted Oklahoma law enforcement to perform a broader investigation into drug seizures in the state.


Editorial Staff in Drug Rehab
May 1, 2023

Cherokee Nation Sets the Example for What to Do with Opioid Pharma Settlement Dollars

Upon winning a significant settlement against multiple pharmaceutical opioid manufacturers, the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma is using its settlement monies to fund the construction of a residential addiction treatment center on the tribe’s reservation.


Jo-Ann Richardson in Success Story
March 9, 2023

The Beginning of a Brand New Clean Chapter, Filled with Hope, Laughter, Trust, and Celebration.

This a thank you to all my friends, family, and staff at Narconon Arrowhead who never gave up on me when I had.


Ren in Drug prevention
March 6, 2023

Resources for Disposing of Unused Pharmaceutical Drugs in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has struggled with one of the worst prescription drug addiction epidemics. Given that a growing number of young people are getting their first experience with prescription drugs by finding meds at home, a critical step in ending this public health crisis will be informing parents and families about removing unused prescription drugs from Sooner State households. Thankfully, there is frequent Prescription Drug Take Back events and safe locations where concerned residents can properly dispose of unused pharmaceutical drugs.


From Chaos to Serenity: One Girl’s Journey

Laura enjoyed a pleasant life in San Juan, Puerto Rico, before she was introduced to drugs and alcohol. Memories of sandy afternoons on the beach with her mother and brother, swimming, and building castles kept her balanced. Family was a core foundation for Laura. As it will, life took a turn…


Ren in Local News
February 8, 2023

Oklahoma Makes Progress in Holding Opioid Makers and Distributors Accountable

Recently, the Oklahoma State Justice Department succeeded in coming to a settlement with drugmaker Allergan and pharmacy chains CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart. The settlement came out to about $226 million, funds that Oklahoma won from the four corporations for their harmful role in advancing the opioid epidemic. This settlement is a victory for Oklahoma, as the Sooner State has been one of the states hardest hit by the opioid epidemic, especially regarding prescription opioid addiction.


Heni in Recovery
November 23, 2022

Some Ways to Live a Happy Sober Life

Enjoy your sober life by being in the moment, take your time and don’t rush anything, never lose focus on your goals and strive to be happy.


Heni in Success Story
November 16, 2022

I Learned that I Can Be Whatever I Want to Be

I started a new productive life now and I am very proud of it. The biggest achievement I accomplished in my life was this past October 8th, 2022 when I was clean and sober for a year and I’m happy for that. I know that I made the right decision by coming here and going through rehab.


Heni in Success Story
November 10, 2022

Narconon Was the Answer for Me.

This one lifechanging, fateful choice can be the answer to a long-standing question every addict asks him or herself. Is this what I want? Truly? I knew the answer from the minute I realized that my addiction was extending far beyond my scope of control.


Ren in Legislation
November 9, 2022

Oklahoma Officials Reach Opioid Settlement with Drug Companies

Oklahoma, a state ravaged by the opioid epidemic and a number of addiction crises that followed, just secured a $250 million settlement with pharma distributors McKesson, Cardinal, and AmerisourceBergen for the role those companies played in Oklahoma’s addiction epidemic. Hopefully, Oklahoma will use the settlement to fund desperately needed treatment programs for struggling addicts.