Ren in Opioid Crisis
March 21, 2019

The Epicenters of the Opioid Crisis and What We Can Learn from Them

In my morning reading, I happened across an article in U.S. News which discussed the disparity of the opioid crisis in America. The report, written by Robert Preidt, a HealthDay reporter, focused on the opioid turmoil as it has touched down in Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, New Hampshire, and Ohio.


Ren in News
March 13, 2019

Tulsa, Oklahoma Sets the Stage for Directing Addicts to Treatment, Not Jail

Good news out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The city implemented a “sobering center” about six months ago. A facility where individuals detained for public intoxication can go instead of jail. Sobering centers are good alternatives to jail time, as such centers specialize in referring addicts to addiction treatment and recovery instead of just putting them through time served.


Ren in Opioid Crisis
March 12, 2019

Pharmaceutical Giant Struggles to Produce a Drug Which Can “Treat” Opioid Addiction

Since the opioid crisis fully developed within the U.S. over the last two decades, pharmaceutical companies came under heavy inspection and even ruthless accusation from the American people. And not without good reason.


Ren in Information on U.S. States
March 10, 2019

Demographics Most Harmed by Addiction

The U.S. struggles with an addiction problem, but this is not a problem that affects all of us equally. While there are over 20 million people in the U.S. who misuse drugs and alcohol regularly, some demographics and specific sectors of the population tend to suffer more than others do.


Ren in Drug Prevention
March 6, 2019

Are Parents Doing Enough for Their Kids? How Poor Parenting Could Lead to Drug Abuse amongst Our Youth

Parents want the best for their kids. That’s nothing new. Parents are always looking for ways to be better parents, constantly seeking tools and strategies for adjusting their parenting in the best way possible.


Karen in Success Story
March 2, 2019

I Could Never Put Myself First

I put my sobriety first, and everything else falls into place for me…” Before Narconon , I never gave myself any time to focus and put myself first. This is the first time in my life that I can now do that. I know that I never have to be alone.


Ren in Information on U.S. States
February 27, 2019

Drug Deaths Now More Likely Than Most Preventable Causes of Death

“For the first time in the nation’s history, Americans are more likely to die from an opioid overdose than a car accident.” That was the headlines from a January 14th, 2019 article in U.S. News. I knew the drug problem was terrible, but I was surprised that it had gotten that bad.


David in Success Story
February 23, 2019

Risen From the Abyss

My parents did an intervention which was really hard for me because my drug use wasn’t exactly out in the open; however my parents had a good idea of what was going on. When I accepted the help, it really solidified the idea of having become an addict…


Ren in Opioid Crisis
February 19, 2019

Should Medical Schools Teach Doctors about Addiction?

In a nation stuck in its worst addiction epidemic yet, one would think that our medical professionals would be fully prepared to help addicted patients. But quite the opposite is true. In fact, according to Jan Hoffman’s paper for CNBC, only about 15 out of 180 medical programs in the U.S. teach their medical students about addiction to alcohol, drugs, or tobacco.


Ren in Drug-Related News
February 17, 2019

Drug Abuse Now a Top Cause of Discipline among Nurses and Doctors

Drug abuse is so prevalent in our society today that just about every industry and walk of life is affected by it. Drug addiction sneaks into our lives in the most terrible of ways. It seems like no industry or area or part of life is safe anymore. So it should come as no surprise to find out that drug abuse is now one of the leading causes of disciplinary action in the medical field.