Ren in U.S. Government
November 14, 2019

Do “Sin” Taxes Actually Work in Reducing Drug and Alcohol Use?

Almost two decades into the 21st century, it's easy enough to look back and see our accomplishments thus far. The innovation of robotic limbs, evidence of water on Mars, advancements in HIV cures, inventing new tech to use water as a clean energy source, the list goes on and on.


Ren in Health risks
November 13, 2019

Aging, Substance Abuse, Leads To Spike In Cancer Deaths

A recent news report in U.S. News opens with, “Due to population growth and aging, the number of cancer cases worldwide is expected to jump 60% by 2040 – but unhealthy lifestyle habits are likely to make the surge even larger.” That’s a pretty shocking statement.


Fio Magliola in Success Story
October 31, 2019

I Decided to Love the New Me

Throughout my time here I didn’t just work on staying clean, I worked on myself. It took a while and a lot of work but in time, I found the real me. Now, you’re probably wondering, “who is the real Lexie”?


Ren in Prescription drugs
October 30, 2019

Is it Possible to Achieve Pain Relief Without Using Painkillers?

One would hope we were approaching a point where the American people and the medical industry is fully aware of the risks and dangers connected with opioid painkillers. “Opioids are a last resort for chronic pain management.”


Ren in Drug Information
October 28, 2019

“Fake” Opioid Pills—What Are They, How Did They Come About and What Do We Do About Them?

The most recent headline is on fake opioid pills. Granted, this is not exactly a new story, as fake opioid pills have been popping up on the American market for years. But a recent drug bust on the Eastern Seaboard serves as a grim reminder of how dangerous fake opioid pills are.


Ren in Alcohol
October 27, 2019

Tainted Alcohol—One More Reason Not to Drink While on Vacation

As it turns out, a pretty disturbing news story in USA Today is causing a lot of people to rethink copious alcohol consumption while on vacation. The article talked about a case out of Costa Rica, in which “tainted” batches of alcohol caused 25 deaths and more than two-dozen non-fatal poisoning incidents.


Ren in Drug information
October 24, 2019

Cold Weather and Cold Hearts— Why People Turn to Substance Use during Winter Months

Is there a seasonal factor in drug overdoses? New research from Brown University seems to suggest so. We’ve heard of the negative aspects of winter. We know about the uptick in depression and the poor mental outlooks that seem to get worse during cold temperatures and gray days.


Ren in Family Addiction
October 22, 2019

A Growing Drug Problem Overseas—What Can We Learn From It?

When we consider our drug problem here on U.S. soil, it’s difficult to imagine a drug crisis like this occurring somewhere else. The U.S. drug addiction epidemic has expanded and grown over the last twenty years, developing into a health crisis, unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.


Ren in Family Addiction
October 22, 2019

Early Recovery Aided by a Change of Environment

What is it about driving down certain roads that just makes us feel better? Or why do we feel that unique calm wash over us when we walk through a park we’ve been coming to for years? Conversely, what is it about a stroll by our old school that brings out a whole mixed bag of emotions? Or the frustration we feel when we drive by a business we got let go from?


Ren in Family Addiction
October 18, 2019

E-Cigarette Deaths and Resulting Bans—Exploring the Controversy

All you have to do to get the public in an uproar about something is to talk about how dangerous that thing is for young people. And that’s perfectly understandable. We are inherently inclined to protect our young. When it becomes evident that something is potentially dangerous to our youth, millions of parents across the country rise up and demand change.