A meth lab may be closer to your home than you think. Methamphetamines also called; Meth, Speed, Crank, Crystal or Ice  is a potent synthetic drug that stimulates the central nervous system. This is a highly addictive drug that is not usually if ever prescribed by doctors, but it is considered to be a class II drug with limited medical use. Meth is made in labs across the US and also in other countries and then trafficked into the US.

Once someone is addicted to methamphetamines starts looking to the streets to satiate their addiction. Additionally, more often than not with the large amount of methamphetamines on the streets many abusers will go from obtaining the drug illegally to making it in a meth lab.

What Is A Meth Lab

Meth can be produced in small batches using toxic but easily obtain chemicals. The highly toxic and combustible combination poses a risk to both the individuals making the meth and anyone in the surrounding area. Often times while heating a batch of meth something goes wrong causing an explosion injuring anyone in close proximity.

While there is a great danger in an explosion there is also a danger to anyone inhabiting a property that has produced meth in the past. In the process of producing meth, toxic fumes, spills and vapors are released into the air and into the surrounding area which is them absorbed into the carpeting, wall boards and ceiling, so while a property may have been surface cleaned there could still be potentially harmful chemical residue in the walls.

This could cause seriously damaging health effects on the inhabitants especially if these occupants are children.

While you may feel safe knowing that no one has ever produced meth in your home in the past it is also a danger to live in close proximity of a meth lab. Not only is there a danger of an explosion but in the process of producing meth there are large quantities of toxic chemicals that must be disposed of. Often these toxic chemicals are dumped on or near the property where the meth is being produced. This is a potential danger to all surrounding neighbors and the environment. These toxic chemicals can leach into ground water or local streams.

How To Protect Yourself And Your Family From Meth Labs

There are many things that you can do if you think that you have a meth lab near you. Know who your neighbors are, report any suspicious activity, chemical or ammonia odors coming from your neighbors homes. The production of meth produces a chemical odor that is hard to ignore.

Report any unusual activity such as high traffic frequenting a neighbor’s home. Producers of meth often distribute meth from the same location.

Investigate future and current properties you reside in. Check with local law enforcement on any criminal activity that may have gone on at your current or potential residence.

Do not assume that there are no meth labs in your area any area could potentially house a meth lab, meth labs are found in apartments, abandon buildings, businesses, cars, recreational vehicles and suburban neighborhoods.

Also if you have a friend or family member addicted to meth get them help. For more information on this topic or the Narconon program contact us today.

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