What Are Pyrethroids, You Ask?

Different bug sprays

Just when you think the world could not get more crazy…

One of the latest disturbing trends popping up around the country involves people using Pyrethroids to get high. What are Pyrethroids, you ask? Well, these are man-made pesticides found in common bug sprays, the ones that kill bugs dead. Someone got the bright idea to spray this stuff on marijuana, cigarette tobacco, as well as other things in order to get high. This new breed of drug is called “KD” or “Katie” on the street and the high lasts for about forty-five minutes.

Indianapolis Fire Department Captain Chris Major describes the user as appearing “kind of like a zombie.” They can also appear downright crazy, eating grass or attempting to rip apart their clothing…. Or they just show up in the mortuary.

There are a whole host of side effects that can be expected from taking KD including:

  • respiratory distress,
  • vomiting,
  • muscle spasms,
  • seizures
  • headaches.

Users are also at risk of slipping into a catatonic state or becoming comatose. Unfortunately, the Indiana firefighters are receiving far too many calls from the loved ones of people using this very easy-to-buy substance. Some die before the first responders can assist them.

Indiana Poison Center’s medical director Daniel Rusyniak explained the reason there were so many dramatic side effects to using pyrethroids: “It’s why we use it on bugs, because it overstimulates the bug, they have the equivalent of seizures and die.”

Young man feel strong pain
“You look at what it does to a bug and then you got to think what it’s doing to your brain, and your body and everything else!”

Firefighter Scott Lebherz was quick to point out, “You look at what it does to a bug and then you got to think what it’s doing to your brain, and your body and everything else!” KD gives the user a huge rush of adrenaline, then causes the person to crash. They reach for more, entering a very typical and sad cycle of addiction.

In Polk County, Sheriff Grady Judd reported that people are spraying bug spray onto pieces of paper, then giving them to inmates to eat or smoke. His shocked reaction when interviewed about this odd trend sums up what most of us are thinking:

“Are you kidding me?”

Apparently, friends and family were discovered giving bug spray infused paper to the attorneys of various inmates. The attorneys then delivered those sheets to the prisoners. These papers looked like legal documents and letters (and sometimes even contained bible verses). When the deputies caught on, they quickly realized the attorneys had no knowledge of the intent. Judd remarked to the lawyers, “The criminals inside are trying to take advantage of you.”

You might wonder how someone could get to the point where smoking or eating bug spray might seem like a good idea. Well, the fact is that people never start at that level of insanity. However, they get into a dwindling spiral of addiction, where they can’t afford to get high on their drug of choice, but feel they can’t function without “catching a buzz.” To such people, the euphoria and escape that come from being high is the solution to their personal struggles. Of course, the flaw is that this “solution” comes at a high price in the form of ruined relationships, dwindling self-respect and even death.

There’s only one real solution.

Get clean, and get help to address the underlying issues. Drug abuse will only lead to a life of pain and loss, where the addict’s only real goal is finding the next high, no matter the cost.



Devon Alexander

Devon Alexander has watched various family members and friends struggle with addiction throughout her life. She enjoys writing articles to educate others who wish to escape the hooks of addiction permanently.