James’ Experience With Narconon Treatment

James’ Experience With Narconon Treatment

One of the most frustrating parts of drug abuse and addiction problems is the individual’s belief that they have no control over these problems, or indeed their life. Where once they turned to drugs in an effort to escape from a difficulty in their life, the individual soon finds that the constant need for more drugs is the driving force behind their every thought, decision and action in life. They may also recognize that these substances are no longer providing the relief or escape that they once did, and are slowly and systematically destroying their health and relationships. Still, the individual can be so thoroughly lost that they cannot reach out for help from others, and are quite dependent upon others reaching out to them.

Taking Back Control

Before he arrived at Narconon, James’ life was a complete wreck. He had long been drinking huge amounts of alcohol and taking Xanax and other pills, and though he couldn’t even afford to purchase these drug substances anymore he kept finding a way to obtain them. He was so thoroughly lost and destroyed that he didn’t even know his own name.

It wasn’t actually James who reached out for help, but Narconon that reached out to find James. His family wanted to him even though they didn’t know where he was, and the Narconon staff refused to give up – searching endlessly for him. James was carrying a cell phone and they called it time and again, catching him inebriated every time. James would talk for awhile in drunken stupor and then eventually hang up, but the staff still refused to give up. Their persistence finally paid off – one morning when James answered the phone he was extremely depressed and felt that he just couldn’t take it anymore. He told the Narconon staff where he was – which was a completely different location than his family had believed – and they sent a car to pick him up within two hours. James figures that’s just about as long as he had before he did something terrible to himself.

James’ changes on the Narconon treatment program really began with the New Life Detoxification Program, where he was able to rid his body of toxic drug substances. It wasn’t easy, but James shortly recognized the dramatic and wonderful changes caused by cleaning out his body. He began to look different – his appearance and skin complexion actually changed – and he recognized that he even smelled differently. He began to sleep through the night, and he easily felt one hundred times better than he had when he started the program. He finally felt his own age, instead of twenty years older. He began to smile at others and feel good about himself. His body felt well enough that he didn’t have to lie in bed all day long anymore, and while this alone made him feel much better and much happier, his treatment program was far from over.

As James worked through the Narconon life skills courses he learned more about drugs and life. He learned the truth about these chemical substances and how they affect the human mind and body, as well as how to communicate well with others, improve conditions in his life and recognize dangerous personalities around him. The best part of the entire program, however, was realizing that drugs and alcohol didn’t have any control over his life and his actions any longer: he had complete control over them. This sounded rather simple to James, and it truly is a simple idea, but a very powerful one. Narconon helped him realize that he has the power to take control of his own life, and he knows that he doesn’t need or want drugs or alcohol anywhere in it. He is happy to move forward, and live a healthy, happy and productive future.


Karen Hadley

For more than a decade, Karen has been researching and writing about drug trafficking, drug abuse, addiction and recovery. She has also studied and written about policy issues related to drug treatment.