Sauna Made Me Healthy Again!

Healthy Man
Sauna helped me greatly. I am so happy right now because for many years I had insomnia and now I can finally sleep well at night and wake up refreshed. It seems like my insomnia is gone. I am so excited because being able to sleep cured a lot of things for me. Now I can spend some time with my family and friends. I feel rejuvenated and have so much energy.  
Life is good again!
So many toxins have come out of my body. I cannot even imagine how bad the inside of my body was before sauna. I feel alive and better than ever before. It’s like my life has been returned to me. All those vitamins and minerals really helped me get strong again. I feel really good now.  
The friendships that I’ve made in the program will never be forgotten. Thank you also to my sauna instructor!

Ivor P.



I am a graduate of the Narconon program currently working for Narconon Arrowhead as Director of Promotion and Marketing.