Drugs Are Poisons


As a staff member at Narconon Arrowhead, I so often see real effects of drugs.

When people talk about drugs, I don’t believe people in general really and truly understand what a “drug” really is by definition. Drugs are poisons.

The thing about any poisonous substance is that a small dose will act as a stimulant and a large amount will sedate a human body—sedate the body to the point of death if taken long enough and also if taken in large enough doses.

Drugs burn up vital and necessary elements the body needs to live and flourish and repair itself. A body left alone and to its own devices will repair itself given proper nutrients and proper rest. Drugs prohibit this ability.

Alcohol, for instance, burns up a tremendous amount of B1 vitamins in the body and this is a huge reason why a person feels sluggish the next day or has horrible nightmares and all-too-vivid dreams and will have muscle spasms and shakes.

If a body is fed and rested well enough, it can recover from almost anything. The body is an amazing and self-correcting machine, developed and perfected over hundreds of millions of years. It is tough.

An example is when the body starts running out of water… it stops sweating and holds onto the water it has to prevent death. When the body lacks a sufficient supply of oils and fats… it holds onto the fats and oils it does get and ceases to expel oil and fats through urine, excrement and skin.

The body is no fool. When things come into short supply the body holds onto it. When it’s in too heavy a supply the body seeks ways to get rid of it AND THAT IS ONE OF THE PROBLEMS WITH DRUGS.

The body is not equipped to evacuate drugs. It gets confused on what to do with these tiny inorganic materials and stores them in the fat cells of the body and that is deadly to person.

Poisons ingested into the body gradually wear down the body and gradually kill off the body’s urge to persist and survive and that is why I never have a problem identifying someone who has been using for a long time—they look tired, fatigued, frantic, anxious, half-dead, unalert and their reaction time is slow, slow, slow.

So even though drugs are typically offered to another as “help”, it is a false help. It never cures the illness, the emotion or indeterminately rids the person of their stress and pain as these things are typically all psychosomatic or organic problems.

—Staff Member at Narconon Arrowhead


Magan Kilgore

I am a 27 year old mother who loves to help people in many different ways. I truly believe in my heart, god put me on this earth to be a loving, caring, and a helping person.