Focused and Confident

Following drug-free withdrawal and New Life Detoxification, the Narconon student moves on to the Objectives. Drugs dull a person’s awareness and throw him out of communication with his environment. Objectives help bring the student into communication with others and with the present environment, extroverting the student’s attention from disturbing memories associated with drug use and enabling the student to achieve a wider perspective that is less subjective and more objective. He is able to view the world around him clearly, often for the first time in years.

This is what Jerry had to say upon completion of the training section of the Objective course, right before starting to work with another student, called twin.

After doing the training drills, I feel more comfortable with running them with my twin. I feel confident with being able to keep focused on the objective as well as running the sessions based on the training drills.

Jerry L—Narconon Student


Cody Buckman

Social Media Manager for Narconon Arrowhead