Getting My Life Back

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I was dealing with a lot before I got to Narconon Arrowhead. Through the first step of the Narconon program, the withdrawal symptoms I had became less and less with time. I started taking vitamins, and when I did I felt a tiny bit better. I recovered by sleeping and eating—the things I wouldn’t do out there in the streets.

When the withdrawal symptoms wore off, my next step was the sauna New Life Detox. While I was in sauna, I felt the daily heat of becoming clean physically and mentally. I felt like a new person by letting the heat bring out all the bad toxins in my body.

After almost 30 days in the sauna, I then started the real deal with Objectives. I had really bad mood swings and there were days where I felt sad, lazy, happy, okay, not so good, but I kept going regardless of what emotions I had. I cried, laughed, joked around, and then I started to feel like myself again.

But mostly felt proud of myself for keeping up with myself. Carrying on is something I would rarely do, and I would always give up halfway. But the more I could see the better in me, the more I pushed to work and continue going. When I finished Objectives I felt way better for moving on and keeping my goal of not giving up no matter what.

Next was the Ups and Downs in Life course. This section opened my eyes because of the many things I learned about Anti-Social people. These were the types of people I was mostly surrounded by in my life. When I analyzed them, it made me not want to deal with any of them again in the future.

Then the Personal Values course really showed me the values of a person and the relief you get once you write all the bad acts or withholds you have kept over time. It was a big weight off my shoulders.

“Having set conditions for my future just feels great, with the ability to look forward to a drug free life and a chance to live life again.”

The final step was Conditions in Life. What can I say about the final step towards getting my life back? Having set conditions for my future just feels great. It’s great to have the ability to look forward to a drug-free life and a chance to live life again.

Thank you, Narconon Arrowhead.

Lucia M.


Heni Azzam

Heni earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Video Production from the Art Institute of Houston and went on to work in the media for 16 years, eventually becoming an Operations Manager for a television station. Having witnessed the harm that drugs and alcohol wreak on people’s lives, he is now utilizing his skills to spread awareness about drug and alcohol addiction and to bring hope to families and individuals who are battling addiction.