Heni Azzam

Heni earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Video Production from the Art Institute of Houston and went on to work in the media for 16 years, eventually becoming an Operations Manager for a television station. Having witnessed the harm that drugs and alcohol wreak on people’s lives, he is now utilizing his skills to spread awareness about drug and alcohol addiction and to bring hope to families and individuals who are battling addiction.

Heni Azzam in Success Story
June 23, 2022

Vicodin Created a Mental Prison I Couldn’t Escape Without Narconon

In my second month of taking the Vicodin, I would take some in the morning to wake up, one at lunch to help me work, some after work to help me relax, one after dinner to help me spend time with my kids, and then I took some before going to bed to help me sleep. I never ran out of reasons to take the pills.


Heni Azzam in Drug Information
June 15, 2022

The Effects of Xanax Abuse

Often people who seek help for the effects of stress and anxiety are prescribed Xanax and are inadvertently introduced into the world of addiction.


Heni Azzam in Success Story
June 2, 2022

The Most Precious and Invaluable Thing I Could Have Ever Gotten Back in My Life

I am feeling excited about my future, I have started a new path with no desire to use.