How to Spot a Narconon Graduate

Narconon has proven time and again that if a person can identify and overcome the initial problems that lead to their addiction, they can ultimately regain their self-respect and self-control. As part of our commitment to bring about a drug-free world, we provide both drug and alcohol treatment for those already addicted to illicit substances and drug education to at-risk youth.

First, we don’t have “patients” or “victims” or “addicts.” We have students—students who are learning to live a successful drug-free life. Here, every detail has been taken into account to give those students the stability and comfort they need to help free themselves from addiction and rebuild their lives without drugs.

Every now and again, you’ll see our “How to Spot” series titled “How to Spot an Ecstasy User”, or “How to Spot a Heroin Addict”, etc. We use these blog series to educate parents and other loved ones about drug and alcohol abuse as each substance have different key signs that would indicate a person is abusing drugs and/or alcohol. We want parents and loved ones to intervene or call us and let us help assist you to intervene. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 67,000 Americans died last year from drug overdoses—that’s more deaths than terrorist attacks, police killings, HIV, gun violence, and car crashes combined.

Therefore, we find our mission incredibly important.

Yet, is it easy to spot a Narconon Graduate? Probably not, they are fully recovered and look like a normal human should look. They aren’t addicts for life, they aren’t stuck in their past, these people are living full lives. They aren’t suffering from deterioration of hygiene, puffy face, poor physical coordination, nausea and sweating, excessive talking, cold and sweaty palms, odd sleeping patterns, or unusual laziness. No! These people are living.

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So, how do you spot a Narconon Graduate? Well, here is the short-term and long-term signs that they are a Narconon graduate.

Short-Term Signs it’s a Narconon Graduate

1. Repairing relations with family and friends with their newfound communication skills.
2. Applying for a new career with their new life skills.
3. Showing the Judge and Court Clerk their massive Graduation certificate.
4. They could be going to the gym with their Narconon gym bag and water bottle.

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Long-Term Signs it’s a Narconon Graduate

1. Working to help others live drug-free lives.
2. Getting married and starting a family.
3. Showing up to yearly Narconon conventions.
4. Delivering Narconon drug education presentations at schools or community groups.
5. Opening another Narconon center.
6. Establishing successful businesses.
7. Volunteering for community projects.
8. Reading a book.
9. Eating dinner with their family.
10. Laughing and smiling.

How Do We Do It?

Narconon uses proven rehabilitation technology that gets to the problem at its source—and provides a path for long-term success.

For nearly 50 years, Narconon has saved those who were thought lost to substance abuse forever. Week by week. Year by year. Our success is measured by our ever-growing number of graduates who now lead new lives, free from drugs. Many who come to Narconon have been through other drug rehab programs before with no lasting success. Our program is unique. Narconon uses a series of techniques found nowhere else to help addicts overcome drug and alcohol dependencies and their damaging effects. This is done naturally—there are no substitute drugs in the Narconon program. At Narconon, we look to address the causes of addiction—to get at what drove a person to drugs in the first place. The goal is a drug-free life.

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Great staff and helped a lot. They handled things here as well as back home. A lot of them are there because they truly just want to help people get better and get their lives back and on the right track.


I regained my life back at Narconon; the staff is amazing and very helpful, they genuinely care about your well-being and they will equip you with tools to make better decisions in the future. The facilities are top quality as well as the food—this was definitely the best decision my family and I ever did for my future.


I am happy to complete the program. It took a lot of patience and discipline to get through each phase, but I eventually saw the importance of each part. I learned a lot about myself and I also learned valuable techniques and solutions that can help me in my life. I am excited to get back to my family and prove to them I have changed my way of thinking.

Should you or someone you know need drug or alcohol addiction treatment or would like to participate in a Narconon drug education school seminar, please call us.




Joanne is a veteran Narconon staff member who earlier worked at the New York Rescue Workers Detox Program.