After working in addiction treatment for several years, Ren now travels the country, studying drug trends and writing about addiction in our society. Ren is focused on using his skill as an author and counselor to promote recovery and effective solutions to the drug crisis. Connect with Ren on LinkedIn.

Ren in Alcohol Abuse
April 7, 2021

How to Talk to a Loved One About Their Drinking

Alcohol is unique in that, while it is most definitely a mind-altering substance, its use is also quite normalized in day-to-day life. Where do you draw the line? How do you know what qualifies as alcohol use and what qualifies as misuse?


Ren in Prescription drug abuse
March 19, 2021

New Data Shows Use of Psychoactive Prescription Drugs Among Young People Creates a Risk for Addiction

Young people are experimenting with psychoactive pharmaceutical drugs in increasing numbers, creating serious health risks as a result.


Ren in Studies and Reports
February 25, 2021

New Study Predicts Higher Risk for COVID-19 Among Addicts

A new study just confirmed that people who misuse drugs and alcohol are at a greater risk of contracting COVID-19. What does this mean for addiction treatment in 2021?


Ren in Alcohol
February 24, 2021

Alcohol Misuse and Cancer Risk—Another Reason to Put the Bottle Down

For some time it was thought that alcohol misuse contributed to cancer risk. What does current science say about this? And most importantly, what can people who are addicted to alcohol do to avoid cancer risk?


Ren in Sobriety
February 15, 2021

The Health Benefits of Giving Up Alcohol For Good

Alcohol is one of the few consumable items that most Americans partake in that has zero health benefits and several health risks. What are some of the health benefits of giving up alcohol for good?


Ren in Alcohol
January 27, 2021

What Is the True Cost of Alcohol?

Alcohol consumption is an accepted aspect of American culture. It would be wise to temper this notion however because alcohol consumption comes with a long list of harmful effects.


Ren in Alcohol
January 24, 2021

How Alcohol Consumption During Winter Leads to Added Risk

Alcohol consumption presents a long list of risks, especially when people drink to excess. According to research, those risks are exacerbated during the winter months. What about drinking alcohol in the winter makes it more dangerous?


Ren in Drug Policy
January 14, 2021

Oregon Decriminalizes Drugs—How Increasing Access to Treatment is a Must

The presidential election was not the only important voting issue on November 3rd, 2020. In the state of Oregon, voters came together and voted to decriminalize drugs. What does that mean?


Ren in Alcohol
December 30, 2020

Safe on The Roads—Drunk Driving Rises During Holidays

Drunk driving is always a risk because there are, unfortunately, always some drunk drivers on the road.


Ren in Cannabis
December 23, 2020

Increased Marijuana Use Among Young People—What Are the Long Term Effects?

Two coinciding factors are currently worrying public health experts regarding teen and adolescent health. First off, marijuana use among young people is growing. Second, it is becoming increasingly apparent that marijuana use among young people is particularly harmful to them.