I Am Not a Statistic Anymore

Tony H.—Narconon Arrowhead Student by the Eufala lake

When one reaches a breaking point and is searching for help with an addiction, it is vital to find a place where one can grow and heal. I was broken and desperate for a new chance. I attended a 12-step in-patient program looking and begging for help. Throughout the program, I was constantly reminded that only one out of twelve would make it and stay sober. All I could think about was my slim chance of survival. Naturally, I gave up hope of having a sober life. I also found that they expected me to be ready to face life in only thirty days; this was not enough time for me to gain the skills needed for success.

My mother was desperate to find comfort for herself. She wanted to find out how to deal with me and stumbled upon this program and within days I was on a flight to Narconon Arrowhead.

“I was always encouraged and reminded that I COULD do it.”

Immediately, I realized this program is totally different. I could feel how much the staff genuinely cared about the my well-being and success. I was not greeted with a low success- rate mentality, but rather, that I would be the only one who could stand in my way of sobriety.

I was always encouraged and reminded that I COULD do it.

The staff didn’t try to rush me before I was ready, in fact, the opposite is true. They do not want you to leave until YOU are confident that you are ready to tackle life. Because of this, I know that we do not have to keep repeating the vicious cycle—it can stop here. They do not refer to us as ’drug addicts’ but as individuals with our own identity.

Without this program, or staff, I would be lost.

I know I can make my own choices now and have the confidence I need to take control of my own life, ideas and values.

Toni H.—Narconon Arrowhead Student


Fio Magliola

I was studying at the University of Florida for 2 1/2 years when hurricane Harvey hit. The destruction that Harvey wrought opened my eyes to the world and those that were in desperate need of help. Since then, I found my calling at Narconon Arrowhead where I have helped hundreds of individuals move on to live new, drug-free lives.