I Feel Revitalized, Rejuvenated, Healthier and Happier

The New Life Detoxification step of the Narconon program was designed to eliminate toxic substances from the body while decreasing physical cravings related to drugs and alcohol. This is what Jerry has to say upon completion of the New Life Detox:

While in the sauna, I could feel the toxins coming out of my body. Each day I noticed that I was sweating more and more. At night I felt comfortable and relaxed. I’ve been sleeping better than ever and waking up refreshed and energized. Towards the end of the detoxification, in the higher doses of niacin, I began reacting less and less to it. I realized the toxins were all getting out of me.
I feel revitalized and rejuvenated now. I am feeling healthier and happier.

Jerry L.—Narconon Student


Cody Buckman

Social Media Manager for Narconon Arrowhead