Narconon Friends and Family

In the fifty-plus years that Narconon has been helping people recover from the scourge of drug and alcohol abuse, we come across people with the biggest hearts and smiles. Narconon graduates Rianna and JR are prime examples of those big hearts and smiles.

Narconon Arrowhead Students

Here is what Narconon Graduate JR had to say about the Narconon program: “Since coming here, I realized my path in life is greater than living for myself. I’ve struggled with my own identity forever. I’m now certain of my goals in life. I couldn’t have realized the value of my life if I hadn’t come to Narconon Arrowhead. I was troubled all these years with my mistakes and selfish ways and now I must say thank you to Narconon for I am drug-free and happy about life.”

Fellow graduate and JR’s good friend Rianna said, “When I first came to Narconon, I was a shell of a person. I was so consumed by drugs that I had lost my grip on reality. I was scared of everything and everyone. Then I arrived here to be greeted by the lovely Karen. Her sweet words and kindness comforted me when I was at my worst. Then I met Elaine in the Withdrawal Unit and I remember thinking, ’Wow, what a vibrant nurturing person, my new mom for a time.’ Then came the New Life Detoxification with Dave and Fio, and thank goodness they were there to see me through this process. In the beginning, it was difficult but it did get easier. Then it was just like I woke up one morning and wow, I was a brand new person. I felt things again, I could see things again, and I could smell again which I never thought could happen. And, yes, that wasn’t all Narconon had to offer.”

The next step for Rianna was a step called Objectives, a series of practical exercises that gradually help a person get back in touch with the environment and regain control of their thoughts and actions. About the Objectives, Rianna said, “I couldn’t believe how much I learned about myself while doing the Objectives. I had some amazing realizations about my choices and how I have the power to be better as a human being. Thanks to all of you here at Narconon, I got me back.”

The Narconon program is unique in the drug and alcohol rehabilitation field as we don’t substitute one drug for the drugs the person was abusing before arrival. We’re here to give people drug and alcohol-free lives and we do so without the need of drugs like suboxone or methadone. In fact, we only use natural vitamins and minerals to support a person through detoxification.

Booklet: Drugs What You Need to Know

Narconon is committed to ensuring that the public is well-educated on the subject of drug and alcohol abuse and therefore, we offer our drug education booklet to the public for free. Please click here to download your own copy of the Narconon drug and education booklet.



Joanne is a veteran Narconon staff member who earlier worked at the New York Rescue Workers Detox Program.