A Parent’s Perspective

Narconon Arrowhead Graduate with his mother

My son, John, had struggled for many years on his own to control his alcoholism—a condition that was destroying his body and his spirit.

In early 2019, John decided that it was time to search for help. My son is a most determined soul. Once his mind was made up, John narrowed his search for help to telephone calls with a Narconon representative, Paul. John and Paul had many conversations. Paul called us, John’s parents, so that we had an understanding of the Narconon Program and a chance to ask questions.

John made the decision that he MUST go and that he must do so immediately! John persisted through sometimes difficult physical and emotional steps at Arrowhead until, through staff support and his own determination to complete the Narconon Program, he humbly and proudly graduated. John received program input and tools which have helped him rejoin the community. John has experienced some small and large “tests” since coming home, but he remains calm and deliberate and, most importantly, sober.

“I am VERY grateful that John searched carefully; connected with good people; experienced a program which
has been fine-tuned for decades…”

Any parent feels pretty helpless when one’s child faces crises and pain. John is a middle-aged man with a good heart, great intellect, and a sense of humor. I knew that the choice of when and how to deal with his alcoholism had to be his. I am VERY grateful that John searched carefully connected with good people experienced a program which has been fine-tuned for decades and found the location where he and staff members could work together toward what he needed and wanted most—another chance to live a good and happy life.

—Mother of Graduate Narconon Arrowhead


Fio Magliola

I was studying at the University of Florida when hurricane Harvey hit. The destruction that Harvey wrought opened my eyes to the world and those that were in desperate need of help. Since then, I found my calling at Narconon Arrowhead where I have helped hundreds of individuals move on to live new, drug-free lives.