Jo-Ann Richardson in Success Story
August 24, 2023

A New Chance at Life

Alex reached a turning point when he lost his best friend to alcohol. This made him realize how drinking had cost him dearly – from health issues to strained relationships. Read about his story and how Alex took his life back from alcohol addiction.


Fio Magliola in Success Story
July 2, 2019

A Parent’s Perspective

Any parent feels pretty helpless when one’s child faces crises and pain. John is a middle-aged man with a good heart, great intellect, and a sense of humor. I knew that the choice of when and how to deal with his alcoholism had to be his. I am VERY grateful that John searched carefully connected with good people experienced a program which has been fine-tuned for decades and found the location where he and staff members could work together toward what he needed and wanted most—another chance to live a good and happy life.


Fio Magliola in Family Addiction
June 27, 2019

The Indirect Victims of Alcohol Abuse

It is no surprise that alcohol is prevalent in our society. It is the most commonly used, easy to get and legal drug in the United States. Unfortunately, alcohol use doesn’t come without consequences—from waking up with a hangover to death in a traffic accident, alcohol use isn’t innocent.


Ren in Drug Addiction
May 30, 2019

Why Can’t We Legalize Drugs?

The legalization debate is probably one of the most heated and contentious arguments on the subject of drugs. I have a hard time thinking of another topic in the area that is discussed as often or to such a great length as the legalization debate.


Ren in Drug prevention
May 28, 2019

The Importance of Talking to Your Teen or Young Adult Child about Alcohol

As much as parents might not want to think about it, alcohol use is quite prevalent among young people, even those under the age of 21. That is something to be concerned about. We might chalk it up to “just what teens and young adults are going to do,” but we walk on thin ice when we do that. Alcohol use among adolescents can have serious consequences.


JT in Alcohol
December 2, 2017

It Started with Alcohol

As a teen, I learned about alcohol by going to friends’ houses and sneaking into their fathers’ liquor cabinets. The rush was exciting and I learned that day that being drunk seemed fun.


Magan Kilgore in Alcohol
October 17, 2017

A Scary Night on the Road—Halloween DUI

In October of 2012 I finally got the reality check I needed. I, along with many other college students, spent way too much time drinking and having fun than actually going to class and paying attention.


Karen Hadley in Drug Information
August 18, 2016

The Alcoholism of Pine Ridge, South Dakota

Pine Ridge sits just across the state line from Whiteclay, Nebraska. Surrounded by the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, it’s a typical small town in this rural area. It’s got a hospital, small college, propane supplier and pizza restaurant.