The cause of many of the addiction cases I have seen begins with the simplest action—a visit to the local Doctor.

Doctors prescribe narcotic pills before other alternatives are given, for example, I myself used to have a personal struggle with anxiety, an issue many people face all over the world. I went to two doctors and both of the doctor’s first reaction was to prescribe me with Valium which is effective in the treatment of anxiety, but at the same time extremely addictive and habit forming. I have to wonder why I wasn’t given a proven to work medication that is non-narcotic first?

Medical professionals in America could help people break addiction before it starts by only prescribing medications that are non-habit forming and non-narcotic. People who go to a Doctor are putting their trust in the judgment of their authority and education without asking questions or making sure the prescription given is the correct one.

Valium is just one of many prescriptions that cause people to become addicted to a substance without any real intention of being in that position. There are many people in my life who struggle with pill addictions in one form or another whether it is pills for pain or anxiety.

Once a person is dependent on said medication these people find themselves trapped and making excuses that it’s too hard to get off them or even impossible. It’s not impossible to be free from drugs, there is help out there.

Narconon Arrowhead in Canadian Oklahoma can help you on your path to a drug-free life for good using 100% natural methods that are safe and if followed correctly can give you your life back. Many other rehabs treat one addiction with other drugs thus not really solving the addiction but rather trading it. If you or a loved one needs help please contact us.


Magan Kilgore

I am a 27 year old mother who loves to help people in many different ways. I truly believe in my heart, god put me on this earth to be a loving, caring, and a helping person.