Helping My Son
Overcome Addiction

“I believe my son Cody’s life is now changed forever.”

One day a light turned on in the darkness. The vice grip of sadness that held me for so many years loosened, just a little. My 26-year-old son Cody had come to me and asked for help. He no longer wanted to live a life that was out of control, with no ability to get out of the mess in which he was living. Cody stated that he felt he was literally dying.

There’s a certain level of addiction that needs more than a 12 step program or just will power to overcome addiction. Cody had already tried those options and several more. He and I both knew that inpatient, long-term rehab with counseling was his only real option. I told Cody to go home and stay by the phone. By the end of the day, I promised him that I would have something arranged.

Back at home I sat down at the computer and made a list of inpatient facilities to call. I was in tears. Not one phone call had been productive. Without exception, everyone who answered the phones was uncaring and unhelpful. I was terrified that too much time had gone by since talking to Cody and if I didn’t get something set pretty soon, he might be lost again. I just had to get this done and get it done now. I prayed for a minute asking for guidance. Afterward, I looked at my list and saw the next number. It was for Narconon.

She had me with hello. That’s exactly how I felt when Abbey answered my call. By that time I was very tired, frustrated, tearful and scared. Abbey took it all on, calmly asking me questions, answering my questions and offering me hope. She even asked to speak to my husband which I thought was super smart on her part, to assess the level of commitment. Before the night was over, Abbey even reached out to my son, calling him to make a connection and reassure him. All we had to do was get Cody on the plane and off to his new future.

We chose to send Cody to a Narconon facility. Cody got to the location and was met by a staff member at the airport. From that moment on, everything about Cody’s life got better.

Mother and son

It has been 13 months that Cody has been sober. He is now happy, healthy and productive with a good job. While at Narconon, Cody was fed healthy food, started to exercise, used the sauna program to thoroughly remove toxins, received counseling to help with coping skills, and also performed chores. He also attended classes to learn how to handle negative people and influences along with skills needed to live a successful life. One of the classes that I thought was important was a class on ethical behavior. Yep. If you’ve ever lived around an addict, you know what I’m talking about.

To everyone at Narconon, thank you for giving me hope and comfort. Thank you for helping me deal with the courts and probation officer requirements. Thanks for all the phone calls to report on progress and to reassure me. Thanks for getting Cody help at the dentist and the eye doctor. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for accepting my son, for encouraging him and for teaching him.

I believe my son Cody’s life is now changed forever.

Lisa G.—Mother of Cody, Narconon Graduate



I am a graduate of the Narconon program currently working for Narconon Arrowhead as Director of Promotion and Marketing.