From Chaos to Serenity:
One Girl’s Journey

Laura, Graduate Narconon Arrowhead

Laura enjoyed a pleasant life in San Juan, Puerto Rico, before she was introduced to drugs and alcohol. Memories of sandy afternoons on the beach with her mother and brother, swimming, and building castles kept her balanced. Family was a core foundation for Laura.

As it will, life took a turn. When she was 13, Laura’s father left the family unit. ‘Friends’ soon invited her to escape into the underworld of alcohol. Although she loved to drink, she was soon numb and unfulfilled. At 14, she started smoking marijuana and soon moved on to MDMA (ecstasy) and ‘molly’. By 22, she had added cocaine and was mixing these illicit substances. At 23, she was introduced to synthetic marijuana. Unhealthy and unhappy substances affected life with her friends, and she lost footing with the base connection she had with her family. Despite the negative consequences of using (including heroin), despite her family imploring her, Laura was unable to stop. She was ingesting, smoking, and snorting substances. Her life had become chaos.

Eventually, Laura was arrested and hit her rock bottom. Of course, this impacted her family and entire life, but it was not the end – it was the beginning. Fortunately, her mother found Narconon Arrowhead, and breathed new life into Laura. Upon arrival, she was very nervous about the process and had a difficult time the first 24 hours. According to Laura, the empathy and collaboration of the counselors and staff helped break down her stormy exterior, and she felt reassured.

Laura’s perceptions changed as the drugs began to leave her mind and body. Sauna, exercise, and a healthy vitamin regimen helped rid her of toxins and residues from the alcohol and substances she had been abusing for the past decade.

During the Life Skills courses, Laura analyzed the personalities in her life and came to realize how different people influenced her choices. “In the beginning, I was carried away by the appearance of people who offered me drugs, but in reality, they also need help. When I thought about these people in the Ups and Downs in Life course, I learned who I wanted to have in my life,” states Laura.

“I could see how an antisocial person is someone who does not listen to advice, who commits crime with no remorse, who does not care about others, and who cannot help anyone because they need help for themselves first. I also understand the social personality, a person who follows the law, is well educated, takes care of others, understands, listens, and cares about others. They don’t need to use drugs and can handle their feelings,” explains Laura. “Now, I can choose the people in my life, and I can identify if they are social or anti-social.” Laura completed her treatment methadone-free.

Now Laura, who is admittedly honored with the chance to start over, is looking forward to her new life as the great person she always has been, but now she has the tools to share her skills and enjoy life to its fullest, without drugs and alcohol. Laura stated that the Narconon program is perhaps one of her proudest accomplishments, as well as making her mother proud. She now has better communication with her family. She feels more unique and enjoys more honesty in her life. She is no longer addicted to anything that hurts her—she is addicted to LIFE.

“I recommend the program because—thanks to Narconon—I am back home with my family.”

“Get help, go through rehab, and clean up!” Laura implores those in active addiction. Substance abuse leads to daily use, which leads to a compulsion. This compulsion leads to addiction. Once the addiction takes control, the user is no longer in control. Behavioral and social changes follow. The vicious and deadly path of substance abuse can be left in your past as you move on toward a drug-free life. If you are willing to accept Narconon and the Assists, New Life Detoxification Objectives, and Life Skills, and fully engage in the treatment process, you will discover that you have all the strength you need to rebuild your life and achieve lifelong abstinence.

“I want to thank the Narconon staff for their dedication in helping me. I recommend the program because—thanks to Narconon—I am back home with my family.”


Johanna Hummingbird

With over 25 years of experience in creative design, Johanna is a skilled artist and has spearheaded marketing campaigns with multiple brands during growth. Her client consultative needs, talents, and cycles of action have been instrumental during times of expansion to multiple companies. Johanna resides in Oklahoma with her family. She enjoys design, her children, and her pets.