The Biochemical Personality

The Biochemical Personality

Many people think when they are talking to an addict that they are talking to the addict. Nothing is further from the truth. The addict is in a trap, typically coming down off drugs or thinking of what they can do to get the next high and not feel how they are feeling any longer.

The more drugs a person uses the further and further they are moved away from reality and from the true beauty of life. The person is in a trap. The person's focus is gone. The person has all kinds of mental pictures and trauma while they are in the trap of addiction. They are not present.

I always know I can help anyone bound by addiction. The reason is that I just talk to the person—the person in the trap of addiction. I respond only to the person underneath the addiction AND I LISTEN for the person underneath the “real person.” The person will show themselves from time to time… I remember that the person is in a battle and the person is fighting to survive and live.

The trapped person usually thinks they are the one in control… and that just is not true. The person is talking through a veil of pain, misery and suffering (whether he’s high or not high).

We care about individuals and strive to help anyone trapped by addiction. People are basically good in nature and some, have been trapped and need help to break free.

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Magan Kilgore

I am a 27 year old mother who loves to help people in many different ways. I truly believe in my heart, god put me on this earth to be a loving, caring, and a helping person.