Why I Chose Narconon

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I don’t speak the way I do about the Narconon program because I work here; I speak this way because I am a strong believer in this program, and I am living proof of the Narconon program’s power to bring about a change in anyone to be the best version of themselves. All a person has to do is make the decision to get clean and put in the work with full honesty, then he or she will benefit from the Narconon program.

During my stay at the Narconon center as a student and then later as a staff member, I met many students and had many conversations about our personal experiences and the program itself. I came to the conclusion that the Narconon program is one of a kind.

Detoxing from drugs and learning life skills is really only the first step. The real test is when the graduates leave the center and are around all the temptations that the world puts in front of them. While at Narconon in a controlled environment, we do everything possible to keep people safe. But what you do when you get out is very important to your long-term sobriety. Who you hang out with and your mindset is very important to your sobriety. The Narconon program got me ready for the real world, and it gave me the tools I need to overcome any conditions and live a drug-free and successful life.

Most addicts want to quit, and they often replace one drug with another during their use. I personally replaced cocaine with alcohol, and I ended up being a full alcoholic. I replaced Xanax with another medicine l and ended up being addicted to it. Through Narconon, I learned It is possible to be drug free and live a life without alcohol or drugs, and you can achieve that by coming to Narconon center.

When I chose to do the Narconon program, I chose it because they didn’t prescribe medicine. I didn’t know anything about the program, but I knew that I had a drug problem, and I wanted to live a life where I didn’t need to take any medication of any kind ever. The Narconon program gave me that opportunity to live that life.

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The Narconon program taught me how to be patient and how to communicate with other people. I learned how to confront my past and move on to a better future. I learned that life is beautiful and nothing can stop me from achieving all of my dreams. There is a life after addiction no matter how bad it gets, and many people are leading successful and drug-free lives after being full-blown addicts. I also learned to be on time, and I learned to take care of myself and my body. I learned to control my mind and my body and overcome any weaknesses or doubts that I might have. I learned to live life to the fullest and experience everything I go through and to enjoy every second of it.

The Narconon program gave me my life back, and I will be forever thankful. The program made me a productive member of society and here I am now, paying it forward. It also gave me a job and a place to stay. It gave me a big, supportive group that has my back when I need them. My Narconon family is always here for me to help me advance and move up in the world.

“The Narconon program gave me my life back
and I will be forever thankful.”

When I finished the sauna New Life Detoxification step during the Narconon program, I was relieved of my back pain that for so many years I believed would last forever. Doctors made me believe that I needed painkillers and relaxers for my back pain, and I believed that was the only way out, so I did it for many years.

During my Objectives drills, I learned to communicate with my twin (someone you are partnered with to do the Objectives drills) and help him reach end results. I learned to get my point across every time, and I learned to wait for the person talking to me to finish what he’s trying to say before I respond. I learned that my body is not replaceable, so I have to watch what I eat and get good rest every day.

If I’m tired, I get some rest. If I am frustrated, I take a walk. If I need to talk about anything, I have my Narconon family here to support and guide me in the right direction. If I have doubts about anything, I can always go to another staff member to get advice to help me make the right decision. Doing the Narconon program not only helped me quit drugs and alcohol, but it also gave me a supportive family that will help me succeed in all aspects of my life. For this, I will be forever thankful.


Heni Azzam

Heni earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Video Production from the Art Institute of Houston and went on to work in the media for 16 years, eventually becoming an Operations Manager for a television station. Having witnessed the harm that drugs and alcohol wreak on people’s lives, he is now utilizing his skills to spread awareness about drug and alcohol addiction and to bring hope to families and individuals who are battling addiction.