Escaping from the Nightmare of Addiction Has Filled Me With Power and Pride

Narconon Arrowhead Long-term Graduate

As a Narconon Arrowhead Graduate of 2020, I want to share that the program helped me so much!

I am an artistic, outgoing person. I used to perform, I enjoyed spending time with family and helping them, and I used to make friends easily… until I got addicted to drugs.

I was on drugs for about 7 years. That started in school and gradually increased from alcohol and weed, then onto heavier drugs, which were my big problem for the last 3 years of my addiction.

I was doing things that I knew weren’t worth it, but I couldn’t get to activities I enjoyed doing, and even if I did, it would have been difficult to handle.

I completed Narconon in 2020 by cleansing my body of toxins in the New Life Detoxification, got in communication with the environment with Objectives, and put in my personal ethics with courses and huge help from Narconon Staff and volunteers who helped to translate (at the time, I also spoke very little English, and now I write the success story in English myself).

Before I graduated from the program, I put together a plan to get things on the right path with myself, my family, job and to be in a condition where I could create a successful family as a partner.

When I graduated and left the program, I started to work on it right away, and I achieved more than I expected at the beginning.

I now look good, I eat healthy, I educate myself, and apply my knowledge in life to help myself, my group, and my family.

With Narconon, I have realized that help is possible. I would say that even more than that, there is not much I can’t handle just by myself. I need friends, I need teammates, and I can be a good friend who is trustworthy.

I achieved a level of trust with my family so that not only can I be open about my problems or future plans, but also my family can communicate to me their difficulties, and I do my best to help them. That often results in improvements.

“My family is happy. They are more successful and have zero attention on whether or not I am in trouble that I can’t solve.”

My family is happy. They are more successful and have zero attention on whether or not I am in trouble that I can’t solve.

I work and get recognition, my production is increasing, and my passion for getting things done is pretty high.

Sometimes I surprise people with the fact that I am a graduate of a drug rehab.

I do make really great friends, and among my friends, I have other Narconon graduates who are enjoying their lives, and we are always in touch.

It has even helped me to resolve years of upsets with my ex by letting him know that I made things go right. Even though we didn’t maintain a friendship, he helped me with a particular situation I needed his help with.

Now I know I can be a great woman, be ethical, and support other people. I play and educate kids. I know how it ought to be and just follow the right path, and I don’t settle for less.

After doing the Overcoming Ups and Downs in Life course at Narconon, I easily recognize whether or not I can deal with a person, and it always works the way I know it will. I have no one to openly or covertly put me down. I produce every single day.

No matter how big of a problem I encounter, just the thought that I got out of the nightmare in the past fills me with power and pride in myself. There is always hope, there is always a way to go, and I pick the one that makes the most improvement to a situation. I get amazing results in anything I’m taking care of.

So if you, your relative, or your friend needs help with handling a drug addiction, Narconon is the way to go. It is rewarding to have a stable person in your life and really priceless.

Thank you, Narconon staff, for helping me be sober. Thanks to my mom for her intention and persistence in making things go right for me, and thanks to my sisters for the support!! Thanks to other Graduates who are on the same page with me to live a sober and successful life!

My biggest thanks to L. Ron Hubbard for the Narconon program.

Ustinya, Narconon Arrowhead Graduate


Jo-Ann Richardson

Jo-Ann has always loved helping people. After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree and Elementary Teaching credential from California State University, Chico, Jo-Ann worked at non-profits around the United States and the world for more than 35 years. This path led Jo-Ann to Narconon Arrowhead, where she has been the Director of Legal Affairs since 2017.