I Didn’t Want to Live Like an Addict, I Wanted to Live a Good Life

Tyler, Narconon Arrowhead Graduate
Tyler, Narconon Arrowhead Graduate

My name is Tyler, I was raised in Emporia, Kansas. I am 29 years old, and when I was 7, I was told I had ADHD. My physician prescribed Ritalin and then it moved to Adderall, Adderall XR, Daytrana patches, and Vyvanse. At a very young age, I was prescribed maximum doses of multiple medications that were all some form of amphetamines.

By the age of 17, I didn’t want to take those medications anymore. That’s when I found meth on the streets. I turned to using street drugs as an alternative, which made me feel like I had full control. Eventually, I became a full-blown addict. I lost myself in a full-blown-out downward spiral. My family cut ties with me, I lost all the people close to me, I became very depressed and lonely. I didn’t know where to turn so I turned to the streets. The streets made me feel welcomed and loved, but it was destroying me faster than I could see.

After 11 years of using drugs and alcohol, my life took a turn for the worse. In 2017, I caught my first possession of meth charge and after 5 months, I caught my 2nd possession of meth charge. I was sent to prison, I had to do some time. It was bad in prison.

After I was released from prison, I was able to get a good job, a new car and I was living my life sober, I gained my parents’ trust back, and I thought I would never be back to doing drugs or drinking alcohol. I met my girlfriend and I thought she was perfect. We ended up dating and getting a new place together. I proposed to her in November 2020 and life was good.

Two months after my proposal, I relapsed hard. I screwed up my wedding and my future; everything I had worked for was destroyed in 2 months. I remember telling my fiancée and my parents that I had relapsed and I needed serious help. My fiancée reached out to Narconon Arrowhead and she told my parents about the program. They were able to figure out a way to get me there. I was willing to accept the help that was offered to me. I knew I didn’t want to live like an addict or a criminal and I wanted to live a good life. I didn’t know or understand why I did so well for three and a half years and then I turned back to the disgusting world of drugs.

Since arriving at Narconon, I have gained so much progress and understanding about myself. It was the first time I feel like that. They helped me find myself again. I am now confident enough that I can do anything, I have the power to choose. All that stuff when I was young about having ADHD that they tried to label me as—that wasn’t and isn’t me, and that will never define me.

“I have so much good energy now, I am happy, I am healthy, I am more positive, and I have regained my family’s full trust back.”

I was able to find myself thanks to the Narconon program. I have so much good energy now—I am happy, I am healthy, I am more positive, and I have regained my family’s full trust back. I realized that drugs and alcohol will never ever have a hold of me again. Narconon made me dig deeper than I ever thought was needed to find a solution for why I started using drugs and alcohol. Narconon made me find the tools to be able and I have a long peaceful, happy, joyful life.

I sit back and reflect on the man I was the day I came here to the man I am now. I am completely astonished by all of the wins throughout this program and everything I have learned and gained here at Narconon. I am thankful and blessed to have had this opportunity to attend Narconon Arrowhead.

—Tyler, Narconon Arrowhead Graduate


Jo-Ann Richardson

Jo-Ann has always loved helping people. After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree and Elementary Teaching credential from California State University, Chico, Jo-Ann worked at non-profits around the United States and the world for more than 35 years. This path led Jo-Ann to Narconon Arrowhead, where she has been the Director of Legal Affairs since 2017.