Given Me My life Back

I kind of got myself into a negative situation and got involved, you know, with drugs and the wrong people.

And anything that everyone else was doing, I was up and willing to try it and experience.

I felt that I needed to steal money, you know, to get drugs. I didn’t care about anybody else but myself, you know.

And I, to get out of bed every morning, I needed drugs. To go to work, I needed to be on drugs.

And it got to that point where life, I can't have life unless I'm high.

I'm fortunate to say that Narconon was my first and last rehab program.

As you go through the program, each step, you know, you're learning more tool on how to better yourself, how to, you know, be honest and have personal integrity and be around social people, think of all the goals in life.

The longer I was in the program, it, I was building more trust. I was changing step by step.

I am able to wake up sober today, you know, and get my day going and have, be full of energy, be productive all day, go to work and all sober.

I feel if I could overcome addiction and never turn back down that road, and use the tools that I got from the program to be who I am today, I can do anything.

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