Ren in Health risks
March 28, 2019

How to Heal from a Surgery While Avoiding Addiction Risk from Painkillers

No one wants to undergo surgery, but it is sometimes necessary or desirable. Anything from a simple wisdom teeth removal to an appendectomy for a ruptured appendix or a C-Section for a pregnancy complication, all of these count as surgeries.


Ren in Drug Abuse Information
December 14, 2018

The Real Story Behind Opioid “Abuse-Deterrent” Pain Relievers

According to The Associated Press , eleven “abuse-deterrent” opioid pain reliever drugs are available, with thirty more in development. Talk to any doctor in America today about pain relief, and odds are you’ll hear the phrase, “abuse-deterrent” more than once.


Ren in Dealing with Addiction
November 15, 2018

How Every American Can Do Their Part to Reduce the Drug Problem

It goes without saying that our country has been struggling with a pretty significant drug problem for quite some time now. The United States of America has been a hotspot for addiction, drug abuse, and alcohol misuse for almost two decades in a row.