Erica in Drugs
July 5, 2017

Identifying a Heroin User By Their Pupils

Heroin is a member of the opiate family of drug substances, and as such is one of the most potent and addictive drugs currently in existence.


Troy in Drug Information
December 13, 2016

Just Plain Hooked

One out of every four people who try heroin becomes hooked. Heroin’s grip is the strongest and is still ranked number one over all other drugs for its addictive qualities. Heroin even leads synthetic opiates in addictive properties.


Troy in Drug Education
November 29, 2016

Narconon Teams Up with Local Leaders in Discussions About Drugs

Members of Narconon Arrowhead recently attended a symposium about the changing face of heroin addiction.


Karen in Drug Information
November 10, 2016

Will Heroin Follow Prescription Drugs into Oklahoma?

In June 2016, The Oklahoman reported that Oklahoma took the top spot in a list of states with a prescription painkiller abuse problem. In the long run, this problem could result in an influx of heroin into the state.


Karen in Drug Information
August 29, 2016

Why Reformulating Painkillers is No Solution to Oklahoma’s Pill Abuse Problem

In the last several years, there's been a trend toward the reformulation of prescription opioids so as to prevent their abuse. While there might have been good intentions to prevent people from becoming addicted or overdosing by changing this formulation, that is not and will never be an effective solution.


Karen in Drug Rehab
June 21, 2016

In 2016, Oklahoma Still Struggles with Prescription Drug Abuse

A new report reveals that Oklahoma still tops the list of states with prescription drug abuse problems. According to the most recent national survey on drug abuse, a higher percentage of Oklahomans aged 12 and older abused prescription drugs — about 5% of the population —than in any other state.


Karen in Local News
March 2, 2016

Why is Heroin Taking an Increasing Number of Lives in Oklahoma?

National media have provided plenty of news coverage for the epidemic of heroin use in states like Ohio, Indiana, Massachusetts and Vermont, but the problems in Oklahoma have been largely overlooked.