New Perspective

My drug problem was, for me was a very hard one because it was 21 years of using cocaine.

I was, like, in my room. All the family gatherings were down below and I was up there doing drugs, by myself, feeling sorry for myself, unhappy.

I was stuck in a hole and I didn't know how to get, get out from there.

The sauna part of the program was the, like, peak of my program because I could literally see the drugs getting drained out of my system. Like I was sweating -- white, if you can put it that way. That was all the substance getting out.

My entire focus in life, the perspective of things came more clearly to me. My confidence grew every day, grew bigger, grew bigger to the point that I was confident in my actions, certain of them, knowing that without drugs all my decision-making would be the right ones.

It actually brought me back. I got to find myself in real life.

All my family was happy because they got their brother back, my sisters got their brother, my mom and my dad got their son back. And you feel part of a group again. You're not alone.

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