Ren in Legislation
June 14, 2019

Justice for Drug Addicts

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, more than 130 people die from overdoses on opioid drugs every day. Such opioids include pharmaceutical pain relievers, heroin, fentanyl, and synthetic hybrid combinations of different opioid drugs.


Ren in Pharmaceutical Companies
February 9, 2019

Behind the Curtain of Medicine and Pharmaceuticals – How Pharmaceutical Giants Bribed Doctors to Prescribe Opioids

We’ve known for a while that when pharmaceutical manufacturers provide incentives to doctors to prescribe opioids, they prescribe opioids. This isn’t anything new. But according to research just published at JAMA Network Open, there is a direct connection between the payments that drug companies give to opioid prescribers and an increase in overdoses in those prescribers’ communities.


Ren in Opioid Crisis
February 6, 2019

How Could Doctors Play Their Role in Reducing the Opioid Epidemic?

Doctors played a decisive role in fueling the opioid epidemic whether they knew it or not.


Ren in Drug Information
April 16, 2018

“Abuse-Deterrent” Drugs—Miracle Solution or Big Pharma Facade?

Here we have a very interesting and controversial topic, a new idea that came about as a result of the FDA and CDC asking pharmaceutical giants to increase their efforts in reducing overdose deaths by having them make drugs that were less likely to cause such deaths.


Joanne in Opioid Crisis
February 16, 2018

Stop Addict Blaming

Big Pharma is killing our country, one pill at a time.


Karen in Local News
June 16, 2015

Clinton Advisers Working to Develop Substance Abuse Policies

A recent online Associated Press article focuses on two top policy advisers from Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign who are speaking with Iowa and New Hampshire substance abuse prevention advocates as part of developing drug addiction and drug addiction treatment-related campaign policies.