Ren in Family Help
November 8, 2018

When an Adolescent must Help an Addicted Parent

“It’s a wild world” as the Cat Stevens song goes, and that couldn’t be truer now. We are living in the second decade of the 21st-century, a time period of technological advancement and big, international change. But this has not all been changes for the good.


Ren in Family Help
July 29, 2018

Drug Abuse and the Family Unit

When we have to confront the relatively unpleasant issues that abound from drug and alcohol abuse, we have to also discuss the more unpleasant sides to this coin, like how drug abuse affects the entire family unit.


JT in Family Help
November 8, 2017

Home For The Holidays. Really Home!

How much happier would this season be, if you could have your loved one drug-free and home for the holidays? Really Home. Narconon can provide you with that gift. During the drug-free withdrawal , a personal withdrawal specialist is on hand to assist your loved one through the process.