Jo-Ann Richardson in Success Story
December 7, 2023

How Good Being Honestly and Truly Sober Feels

I’m 34 years old, was born in Mississippi, and raised on the East Coast of Florida. Before I started drinking heavily, I was in control of my life; I was happy and healthy. Two of my happiest moments back then were the births of my children.


Heni in Success Story
September 22, 2022

My Kids Have Their Mom Back

I am now home with my children and that is an awesome feeling. They don’t have to hide where their mom is when other kids ask and I can attend their school functions without embarrassing them.


Heni in Success Story
June 2, 2022

The Most Precious and Invaluable Thing I Could Have Ever Gotten Back in My Life

I am feeling excited about my future, I have started a new path with no desire to use.


Elaine M. in Success Story
September 23, 2021

My Family Now Sees ME, Not the Person My Addiction Turned Me Into

When I graduated from the Narconon program it was great, this was the hardest and most rewarding thing I have done for myself. I am looking forward to never having to leave my kids again because of drugs, and I am looking forward to never having issues with my husband over drugs.