Ren in Health risks
June 28, 2018

Drug Abuse Linked to Shorter Life Spans

While most people know that drug and alcohol addiction is risky to one’s health, most don’t know the gruesome details as to exactly how damaging drug use and alcoholism are to one’s health. When people abuse drugs and alcohol, they shave hours, days, even years off their overall lifespan.


Ren in Drug information
June 18, 2018

Heroin and the Brain: What the Drug can Do to One's DNA

Let’s talk about heroin and the effect that this powerful narcotic has on the brain of a user. According to new research, long-term heroin use actually changes how genes are activated in the brain…


Magan Kilgore in Drugs
October 1, 2017

I Call It the Devil’s Drug

My friend told me he calls it the “devil’s drug.” That’s Heroin. He told me that when you are in the grip of this drug you, it’s as if you are “possessed.” You live for nothing else but the next fix. He said when he was on Heroin he had no moral values. He lost his job. He lost his friends.