Ren in Effects on children
March 23, 2020

Alcohol and Drug Use Prior to Conception by Females AND Males Increase Risks To Pregnancy

New data suggests that what parents do before they even conceive can have an effect on future children. What do parents need to know in order to be the best parents that they can possibly be?


Magan Kilgore in Alcohol
October 11, 2017

Children Are Watching

As a child, my Mother and I didn’t have a normal relationship—she was trapped by drugs and alcohol. At the age of 3, my brother and I would be playing in the yard, and my mother would drive up and tell us if we got money from grandma, that she would drive us around the block.


Karen Hadley in Local News
May 11, 2016

What Drugs are Sending Oklahomans to Rehab?

Knowing what drugs are sending the most Oklahomans to rehab enables families to have a good idea of what drugs their loved ones might be using. Narconon explains what to watch for.


Karen Hadley in Drug information
February 21, 2016

Should A New Tax be Placed on Alcohol to Help Fund the Treatment of Substance Abuse

The city of Boston is considering new 1 percent to 2 percent tax on all sales of alcohol.