From Chaos to Serenity: One Girl’s Journey

Laura enjoyed a pleasant life in San Juan, Puerto Rico, before she was introduced to drugs and alcohol. Memories of sandy afternoons on the beach with her mother and brother, swimming, and building castles kept her balanced. Family was a core foundation for Laura. As it will, life took a turn…


Heni in Recovery
October 27, 2022

Ways to Help You Get Your Family’s Trust Back While in Recovery

You went to rehab and now you are clean and ready to start your life again, but you now realize that you lost the trust of your family. This doesn’t return with a simple apology.


David in Success Story
August 5, 2021

Nothing Is Impossible—The Word Itself Says “I’m Possible”

Narconon helped me find myself again—something I thought was impossible because I had been lost for so long. This program is worth it. It has saved my life. I now have the confidence to go home and build a new life, to hug my kids and to build a future that I won’t need to escape from.


What is Drug Addiction and How Does Family Intervention Help?

Drug addiction is a strong compulsive action or drug-seeking behavior to use drugs or alcohol despite the undesirable effects and dangerous consequences that are likely to occur.


Does Family Intervention Work Without a Certified Interventionist?

Frequently, after researching interventions, families decide that they can go it alone, without a professional. In this case, the family members and close friends plan and perform an intervention without hiring a professional interventionist. But is this wise?


Ren in Family Addiction
April 11, 2019

How to Talk to Your Spouse about Drugs

Few challenges are more difficult than when we face the prospect of talking to a family member or loved one who is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. These issues are some of the hardest. Someone you care about very much is using a substance that will eventually kill them if they don’t stop.


Ren in Effects on children
January 23, 2019

Can You Break the Family Cycle of Addiction?

Addiction is a multi-faceted, complex crisis, brought on by several factors and perpetrated by several more. It goes without saying that addiction is a complicated affliction, or else it would not be so difficult to overcome.


Ren in Family Help
July 29, 2018

Drug Abuse and the Family Unit

When we have to confront the relatively unpleasant issues that abound from drug and alcohol abuse, we have to also discuss the more unpleasant sides to this coin, like how drug abuse affects the entire family unit.


Ren in Dealing with Addiction
June 26, 2018

Teens Have Few Options for Drug Addiction Treatment

Teenagers who fall prey to drug and alcohol problems have a particularly terrible affliction, terrorized by an addiction habit that could fully consume them before they even reach adulthood. Teens are more likely to take risks as a result of substance abuse.


Ren in Drug abuse
April 30, 2018

Signs of Substance Abuse—How Family Members can Detect Addiction

Parents naturally have much to be concerned about when it comes to their kids and their kids’ well-being. It is totally normal for parents to fret about their children, regardless of their age. And parents will do just this too.