Jo-Ann Richardson in Success Story
February 15, 2024

I am 36 Years Drug-Free

I was born and raised in a small town in northern California. I had a good life before taking drugs. I first started using drugs when I was 9 or 10 years old. It started with smoking pot. I used drugs up until I was 28 or 29 years old. I had lost everything by the time I stopped.


Jo-Ann Richardson in Success Story
August 31, 2023

Escaping from the Nightmare of Addiction Has Filled Me With Power and Pride

This Narconon Arrowhead graduate sent in a success story, 3 years after graduation to say how well she is doing.


Heni in Family Addiction
October 5, 2022

Letter from an Ex-Wife of an Ex-Addict

My husband had a drug problem all his life. After I met him his problem got worse and worse every year. In 2016 he did a year in jail, and I remember him coming out of jail sober and happy, but that didn’t last, because as soon as he finished his probation time he went back to using and partying...


Heni in Success Story
September 22, 2022

My Kids Have Their Mom Back

I am now home with my children and that is an awesome feeling. They don’t have to hide where their mom is when other kids ask and I can attend their school functions without embarrassing them.


Elaine M. in Success Story
September 23, 2021

My Family Now Sees ME, Not the Person My Addiction Turned Me Into

When I graduated from the Narconon program it was great, this was the hardest and most rewarding thing I have done for myself. I am looking forward to never having to leave my kids again because of drugs, and I am looking forward to never having issues with my husband over drugs.


Elaine M. in Success Story
August 5, 2021

Nothing Is Impossible—The Word Itself Says “I’m Possible”

Narconon helped me find myself again—something I thought was impossible because I had been lost for so long. This program is worth it. It has saved my life. I now have the confidence to go home and build a new life, to hug my kids and to build a future that I won’t need to escape from.


Sachi in Success Story
March 18, 2021

8 Years Being Sober I Am Capable of Having Anything I Want

I reached a point where I lost everything. I totaled my car, I got kicked out of the house where I was living and was not consistent with paying the rent, I had chosen that drug and alcohol lifestyle over my family.


Ren in Effects on children
January 23, 2019

Can You Break the Family Cycle of Addiction?

Addiction is a multi-faceted, complex crisis, brought on by several factors and perpetrated by several more. It goes without saying that addiction is a complicated affliction, or else it would not be so difficult to overcome.


Cody Buckman in Success Story
March 21, 2017

Hope for My Future

To avoid situations that might lead to drug use in the future, students must be able to identify true friends and the positive people in their lives and, to isolate those likely to lead them back into trouble.