Ren in News
March 13, 2019

Tulsa, Oklahoma Sets the Stage for Directing Addicts to Treatment, Not Jail

Good news out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The city implemented a “sobering center” about six months ago. A facility where individuals detained for public intoxication can go instead of jail. Sobering centers are good alternatives to jail time, as such centers specialize in referring addicts to addiction treatment and recovery instead of just putting them through time served.


Joanne in Local News
February 12, 2018

Marijuana in the OK

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin signed an executive proclamation placing State Question 788 on the June 26 2018 primary election ballot. Yet, is Cannabis safe?


Karen in Prescription drugs
May 6, 2017

Enid, Oklahoma Makes “Top 15” List of Addicted Cities

Making the Top 15 List of Addicted Cities is not exactly something the Enid Chamber of Commerce wants to promote to visitors. But perhaps it’s better that the citizens of Enid know the situation in their own town.


Karen in Drug Information
November 10, 2016

Will Heroin Follow Prescription Drugs into Oklahoma?

In June 2016, The Oklahoman reported that Oklahoma took the top spot in a list of states with a prescription painkiller abuse problem. In the long run, this problem could result in an influx of heroin into the state.


Karen in Drug information
November 3, 2016

The Hidden Forces Behind the Prescription Drug Epidemic

The State of Oklahoma has long struggled with exceptionally high rates of prescription drug abuse – high enough to keep the state in the number one spot nationally. With so many people trying to help, why is it so hard to make inroads into this problem?


Karen in Drug abuse
September 20, 2016

National Workplace Drug Tests Reveal Increasing Drug Use

Every year, workplace drug testing company Quest Diagnostics releases a report on positive drug tests by American workers. Their most recent report on these tests shows that workplace drug use is up which is bad news for employers and communities.


Karen in Drug Information
August 30, 2016

Stimulants Could Be the Most Dangerous Drugs on the Planet

Stimulants could be the worst drugs on the market because some of the most heinous crimes and abuses occur related to methamphetamine use.


Karen in Drug Rehab
July 10, 2016

Taking Oklahoma Drug Traffickers Off the Street Doesn’t Solve Problems

Talequah, Oklahoma is a classic small Midwest town. It’s people are salt-of-the-earth but that doesn’t mean it’s free from problems created by drug traffickers. When these traffickers get Oklahomans addicted to their drugs, a solution for recovery is needed.


Karen in Drug Rehab
June 21, 2016

In 2016, Oklahoma Still Struggles with Prescription Drug Abuse

A new report reveals that Oklahoma still tops the list of states with prescription drug abuse problems. According to the most recent national survey on drug abuse, a higher percentage of Oklahomans aged 12 and older abused prescription drugs — about 5% of the population —than in any other state.


Karen in Local News
May 11, 2016

What Drugs are Sending Oklahomans to Rehab?

Knowing what drugs are sending the most Oklahomans to rehab enables families to have a good idea of what drugs their loved ones might be using. Narconon explains what to watch for.